By name, these lads call themselves The Terrors. But how is our head-to-head record looking against Tooting & Mitcham United?

By name, these lads call themselves The Terrors. But how is our head-to-head record looking against Tooting & Mitcham United? Y’know – by nature and tha’. After all, we’d like to know if we need to put an 18 rating on this one. That’s what you do with horror fillums. And we don’t want any of our younger fans to start having nightmares about the idea of us – a League Two side – struggling against non-league opposition. That’s what this season’s FA Cup is for…

Who are Tooting & Mitcham United?

As you can no doubt guess from their name, the Terrors came when two sides decided to join forces. The background to this 1932 merger is a little more detailed than we’re willing to talk about. That’s for you to go and find out more about if you want. So, we’ll just keep things nice and simple. Tooting Town and Mitcham Wanderers were the teams involved. Both played in the London League. But it soon became clear that neither could sustain themselves when the other one was down the road. Why not pool resources?

After starting out in the London League, 1937 brought with it a move up into the Athenian League. Not until after World War Two would the new club make their mark, however; title wins in 1949-50 and 1954-5 setting new milestones in what were still relatively early days for the Terrors’. As one of the Athenian League’s strongest clubs, we can only guess that a new challenge was needed. So, in 1956, they were elected into the Isthmian League.

And the good times kept on rolling.

The Terrors were crowned Isthmian League champions in only their second season. In the following season, meanwhile, the club reached the FA Cup Third Round for the first (and, to date, only) time. Nottingham Forest eventually beat them – but required a replay to do so. And the season after that? Well, the 1959-60 campaign saw them win the Isthmian League title once more. Not a bad period by any stretch.

Why do we know Tooting & Mitcham United?

All things pass. Soon, it became less common to see the Terrors in the top three. Or the top six. Or even the top half. By the 1980s, it became harder to make their mark on the league. By the end of the 1983-4 season, they were second bottom of the table. But they avoided relegation to Division One; Staines Town in 14th going down instead. The stay of execution lasted just five seasons. In 1989, they were relegated; again finishing second bottom.

By this point in time, Boro’ had tasted life in Division One – but decided, at the time, that wasn’t for us. We’d already returned to Division Two North by the time The Terrors were relegated. But a return back up wasn’t happening for them. And it wouldn’t be long before Cloughie had us storming back up from the league below.

In 1991, it was time for us to take on The Terrors for the first time.

What is our record against the Terrors?

Well, we were kept waiting to start with. It wasn’t until December that we’d be able to get stuck into one another. Even then, that was only a Loctite Trophy clash at Imperial Fields. Still, it went in our favour and Boro’ ran out 2-1 winners.

But what about the bread and butter of the league?

A twist of fate and a quirk of the schedules meant our first league game came on a Monday night on 20 April. With Boro’ en route to the title, we registered a second straight win; this time indoors as Gary Roberts and Shaun Marshall sealed a 2-0 win at Broadhall Way. Just two weeks later, back we went to Imperial Fields; signing off our title-winning campaign. It didn’t go to plan, however; the Terrors coming out on top.

It was our last action as a Division One side.

Tooting & Mitcham United: Boro’s Record

Our head-to-head:P 3 — W 2 — D 0 — L 1 — F 5 — A 4 — Pts— WR 67%
Our last tango: Tooting & Mitcham United 3-1 Stevenage Borough, 02 May 1992

What happened to them?

Our path kept going upwards. For the Terrors, however, things went from bad to worse. At the end of the 1996-7 season, they were relegated to Division Two for the first time. Mind you, their decline wasn’t permanent. And they have since come back – if only to an extent. For so long, it all seemed stable for the south London side. Since 2000, however, the ups and downs have been frequent and almost too hard to keep track of.

As things stand, you’ll find the Terrors in the Isthmian League Division One South Central. It was relegation from the Premier Division in 2018 that put ’em there. After finishing sixth in their first season back at that level, the 2019-20 campaign wasn’t building on that by the time it was canned; the club in eighth and eyeing the playoffs at best. Can 2020-1 be any better? Early signs are promising. But there’s a lot going on to make assumptions just yet.


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