League Two Betting: The Pre-Season Verdict


By Pete H

Oh yes, we see you; leaning up against the wall and jiggling your pocket money around in your hand. You’re thinking about your pre-season punts, aren’t ya? Well, after not knowing a) when the new season would start and b) what league we’d be in, it’s almost time to kick off another league campaign. But what exactly is the League Two betting market telling us as we prepare to get started. And what’ll that mean if you’re sticking your quid on us doing something special this term?

The 2020-1 League Two betting market needed a bit of a reshuffle once we found out that it’d be Macclesfield Town – not us – going down. Of course, no-one had plonked a fiver on us to win the National League title before we knew for sure. Or at least you’d hope not. So, what are you thinking? What market will you be putting Boro’ down against on your Bet365 online sports betting slip? From title to promotion or even relegation – here’s what you can expect when you check out this season’s odds.

League Two Betting Market: Title

Is our twist of fate and summer recruitment drive getting people excited about our chances of a title tilt? Uh, no. In fact, us and Morecambe are well out of the frame. Leading the way this season it seems will be Bolton Wanderers; new of this parish. Salford City can also be found in the mix with their solid backing. And then there’s Mansfield Town and Exeter City – both of whom have seemed remarkably willing to stay down in recent seasons.

League Two Betting Market: Promotion

Let’s talk promotion, then. What are Boro’s chances of being put in with the likely lads? It’s not great news. Apart from the title challengers, the League Two betting market also starts to see West Country challengers Cheltenham Town and Forest Green Rovers coming into play. Again, it’s a market that we don’t seem to be bothering much. Nor the Shrimps. Even Barrow are fancied for promotion as much as us. Never say never, though.

League Two Betting Market: Relegation

Ah, so this is where Boro’ find themselves being talked about most. The only upbeat news we can give you is that – broadly speaking – we’re not top picks for the drop. It now seems to be a pre-season tradition to expect that Morecambe will drop back into non-league. And this time around, Oldham Athletic‘s card is marked too. Cambridge United, Grimsby Town and Crawley Town are also potential candidates for the plunge as things stand.

Other markets

The market moves in mysterious ways and will continue to do so as we (hopefully) prove a few of the doubters wrong in the early stage of the 2020-1 campaign. Could Boro’ buck the pre-season bronco and turn in a top seven finish? Maybe even a top three one? It’s one of those “heart ruling the head” punts if you believe that. But the way the League Two betting market is shaping up, it could be a pretty decent return if it comes in.

Or you can hedge your position on us to go down and let the dollar bills dry your eyes if it goes that way. Your money, your call.