Normally, we're happy enough to go it alone when picking '5 of the Best' things. But we think we need your help with the best Boro' skippers...

Normally, we’re happy enough to go it alone when picking ‘5 of the Best’ things. But we think we need your help with the best Boro’ skippers. It’s quite a mammoth task, all told. There are some clear candidates that have to make it in. But there are others who were before our own time or maybe more appreciated by others who also have a strong case. So, rather than make some of you grumpy, we thought we’d get you involved to help us.

Think of it as five of the best Boro’ skippers by the people, for the people. Yes. Think we’ll run with that slogan. Vote BoroGuide!

The search for ‘5 of the Best’ Boro’ skippers

So, how are we going to do it? Well, for those of you who are reading this from the future, we first hope that coronavirus is very much a thing of the past. But we’re mainly saying that so it makes sense in context. That’s because we’re going to do some Twitter and Facebook polls in August 2020 to whittle down the list of all-time Boro’ skippers.

To be as fair as we can and because it’s 40 years since our first season of senior football, the plan is to split down the last four decades into eight-year chunks. And what’s 40 divvied by eight? Yep. Five. In each of those chunks, we’ll put out a list of captains for you to vote on. Or at least that’s the plan. It’ll be long-term skippers too. Not lads who held the armband for the odd game here and there.

Well, it’s as much as we can make sure of it. Many of the programmes from the 1980s didn’t often note who our skipper was. So, we’ll make sure there’s an ‘Other’ option for you to fill in the blanks. It also means that some eight-year chunks might be rich with our finest leaders. But they don’t change Groups of Death at the World Cup, so what can you do?

(We also know the captaincy probably changed hands a little more often back in the day too)

This search for five of the best Boro’ skippers only works if you get involved. By which, we don’t mean moaning at us for leaving someone out by accident. If the public vote goes tits up (which we, frankly, expect), we’ll just choose the five ourselves and force you to like it. That’s the nuclear option we want to avoid. And you can help us steer well clear with your thoughts.

All being well, we’ll have your five best Boro’ skippers by end of August 2020.
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