FIFA 20 Verdict: Exeter City (Away)

FIFA 20 Verdict: Exeter City v Stevenage [08 Feb 2020]

It’s high time we pulled our finger out and brought back the FIFA 20 Verdict to discover if our trip to Exeter is where it all starts to go right for Boro’. If your first thought is “no, that’s silly – of course it isn’t”, that’s fair enough. It was our initial thought too. And, quite frankly, we have a nice little career mode on the go. But we’ve not done this virtual tomfoolery in a while. And definitely not this new year or even decade. Who knows what cosmic strings we can pull? It’s always worth a try. And we had a few spare minutes to kill in any case…


FIFA 20 Verdict: Exeter City v Boro’

We’re not sure that GW knows his best starting XI. So, you have to forgive us for not having a clue about ours either. Our thought is that all those new faces brought in on deadline day are here for a reason. The lads at EA haven’t caught up yet, however, They’ll probably tell you we’re too early for the update. But it’s been a week and what else do you think we have to do. Anyway, the side we fielded ain’t necessarily the one we think GW is gonna go with. So, will it make this outcome null and void – or would you take it if offered?

(Can’t see the video? Go to YouTube instead)

Exeter City – 0 
Stevenage – 0

Team (5-1-2-1-1): 
Farman — James-Wildin, Cuthbert, Nugent, Digby, Denton — Dabo, Leesley, List, Carter — Parkhouse

Bastien, Soares, Vancooten, Parrett (Leesley 83), Cassidy, Lakin (List 57), Jackson (Parkhouse 69)

Dabo, Lakin


What odds on fiction becoming fact?
Let’s face it, there’s so much here that could be a nice little earner. The best price seen on a correct score punt is showing at 44/5 (VBet), while Under 0.5 Goals is 17/2 (SkyBet). No Goalscorer on the anytime market is showing as 7/1 (multiple) and Boro’ to secure the first team booking is 4/6 (SkyBet). Now, though, we’re starting to scrape the barrel…

Now, our fun stopped as soon as the final whistle went here. If you’re having a punt and the fun stops, so should you.

Back to life, back to reality;
Take a look at our Exeter City v Stevenage preview.


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