Tring Town: Remember Them?

For Boro' fans of a certain vintage, Tring Town are one of those once-familiar faces we long since left behind on our journey up the pyramid

For Boro’ fans of a certain vintage, Tring Town are one of those once-familiar faces we long since left behind on our journey up the pyramid. But how much do you remember about our fellow Hertfordshire side? Given there’s absolutely nothing happening this week that will have any impact on your life, you might as well light the fire and let the memory flames burn bright into the ever-darker nights. It’s winter. How poetic d’ya flippin’ want it?


Who are Tring Town?

It could be a hard one to put together. The current Tring Town AFC aren’t the same lads we used to hang around with. And there ain’t a major amount for us to go on. According to the ever-amazing Football Club History Database, the first incarnation of Town hit the scene in 1963 as members of the Spartan League. After 12 seasons, the club moved on in 1975; this time to the Athenian League. And then what happened after that?


Why do we know Tring Town?

Well, Tring Town spent just two seasons in the Athenian League. In 1977, the club signed up to the Isthmian League. Taking up their place in Division Two, there’s not much to bang the drum about. Fourth place in 1983-4 is the best they managed. But this is where Boro’ come in too. With more teams coming into the Isthmian fold, Div Two split north and south. Tring went north. And so were we. See how it all comes together now?


What is our record against Tring Town?

It’s alright and bit more than that too. While our win rate isn’t quite 50%, we lost just one in 13 since our first meeting – a 2-1 win at their place in September 1984. And we’ve clocked up a fair few goals against ’em too, with a 4-4 draw (M Gittings x 4) in September 1988 and a 5-1 win in September 1990 standing out. It was after Cloughie took charge in 1990 that our matches against Tring seemed to become a formality.

To be fair, we were doing it to everyone and anyone during the 1990-1 season.

Tring Town: Boro’s Record

Our head-to-head: P 13 — W 6 — D 6 — L 1 — F 24 — A 12– Pts 18 — WR 46%
Our last tango: Tring Town 0-3 Stevenage Borough, 29 December 1990

What happened to Tring Town?

The end of the 1990-1 campaign saw the end of the north/south split in Division Two of the Isthmian League. Of course, that season saw us go up as champions – but it also saw Tring finish rock bottom. With that, the club ended up in Division Three after a reworking of the lower part of the competition. There they stayed, more often than not finishing towards the bottom of the table until 2003. And here’s where their story ends.

• WANT TO KNOW MORE? – Tring Town club profile

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