King’s Lynn: Remember Them

Back once again for the history master, we're roaring into the first week of December with a look at those memories that King's Lynn have to jog

Back once again for the history master, we’re roaring into the first week of December with a look at those memories that King’s Lynn have to jog. If nowt else, it’ll keep you warm on these cold nights; that warm feeling rising up inside you being the love you feel for the journey that Boro’ have been on these past years. Either that or you’ll need to find yourself a bucket to be sick into. It’s not like we’re doctors and we certainly can’t vouch for what you ate at lunch.


Who are King’s Lynn?

So, who are the Linnets? Well, first things first – this is a sad case of a club that were. It’s now 10 years since the club were wound up at the High Court with debts of £77,000. That we’re now here talking about ’em is pure coincidence. But don’t confuse ’em with the new club that now exists. This incarnation formed way back in 1879, although they went by the name Lynn Town until 1953. And they were quite the force in local footballing circles.

A member of the Eastern Counties, United Counties and Midland Leagues at different stages of the mid-20th century, they joined the Southern League for the start of the 1958-9 season. After relegation to Division One in 1962, the 1963-4 season saw ’em be league buddies with Stevenage Town. It had an effect – the Linnets went up to the Premier Division. Back down they went in 1971, however; lining up against another Stevenage side in the form of Athletic.


Why do we know King’s Lynn?

The Linnets were on the scene when Athletic went bust after the 1975-6 season. But there was no chance of making it a Stevenage treble after Boro’ came into being. We went into the Isthmian League when they were still in the Southern. So, little chance of coming up against them. Cup competitions didn’t throw us together at any point, either. To the best of our knowledge, then, our first (and only?) meeting was sometime in the early-to-mid 2000s in a friendly*.

*If we met them before that in a friendly, do let us know.


What is our record against King’s Lynn?

Well, we’ve checked the records for our 2002, 2003 and 2004 pre-seasons and can’t find the result. So, now we’re starting to think we’ve imagined this…

King’s Lynn: Boro’s Record

Our head-to-head: P 0– W 0 — D 0 — L 0 — F 0 — A 0– Pts 0 — WR n/a
Our last tango: Didn’t meet in a competitive fixture

What happened to King’s Lynn?

At the end of the 2003-4 campaign, the Linnets returned to the Southern League Premier Division after winning the Eastern Division title by three points from Histon and Tonbridge. Their first season aside, the club challenged at the right end of the table over the coming years; eventually lifting the Premier title in 2008. Up to Conference North they went, with their first season proving a challenge. But it’d be their first and only season at that level.

Ground issues saw them kicked out of Conference North and into the Northern Premier League. Then, midway through the 2009-10 season, a long history came to a sad end.

A new incarnation of the Linnets has since risen, however, called King’s Lynn Town.

• WANT TO KNOW MORE? – King’s Lynn club profile

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