FIFA 20 Verdict: Peterborough United (Home)


By Pete H

Oh, look what’s come back from the virtual dead. With a few spare minutes to hand, we thought we’d see how FIFA 20 called this FA Cup clash. It seems like we ain’t done this type of thing for a couple of seasons, so our memories are a bit fuzzy. But we don’t think this non-scientific predict-o-gram got it right that often. We do suggest, then, that maybe you try and suspend your disbelief a bit. Just in case this calls a 5-0 home win.

Football is, however, a funny old game. And it’s one of things we love about it, not to mention the ol’Magic of the Cup(TM). Things can happen that you wouldn’t expect, like Graz popping up to nod home past Newcastle. And he’s former Posh too. What are the odds eh? So, go with the courage of your – or even our FIFA 20 Verdict’s – convictions and sign up with Ladbrokes to bring it home if Boro’ can defy real-life expectations.


FIFA 20 Verdict: Boro’ v Posh

For us, it looks as if our star rating on FIFA 20 has been going up and down around the one and one-and-a-half mark since the start of the season. But how are they gonna fare when we take charge of them. Every single one of them. It’s a level of control that gaffer Mark Sampson just can’t get in real life. And, as for Posh, are they going to be the free-scoring golazo merchants that actual football evidence suggests they are this season?

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Stevenage – 3 (Timlin 3, Parrett 24, 40)
Peterborough United – 2 
(Maddison 22, Eisa 68)

Farman — TVC, Stokes, Cuthbert, Wells, Denton — Parrett, Lakin, Timlin — Parrett — Guthrie

Bastien, Byrom (Carter 67), Cowley, Sonupe (Lakin 79), Iontton, Nugent (Watts 89), Mackail-Smith

Lakin, Watts, Parrett


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