What You Need To Know About Beach Soccer

Not familiar with beach soccer? Keen to find out more? Let us provide you with some helpful facts and everything you need to know about the game

Beach soccer is an interesting game. It is no different from football, except you play it on a beach or sand. This is a game of two teams consisting of five players. And it is so popular that there are actually competitions held in different countries for it. There are tournaments like FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, the Intercontinental Cup and more as we’ve seen at sports betting sites.

For those not familiar with this game and those who want to learn more about this game, we are going to provide you with some facts. Here’s everything you need to know about this beach game.


Facts about Beach Soccer

  • You can make an unlimited number of substitutions in this game. That means you can choose to change players at any time of the game.
  • Players are not allowed to wear shoes during the match. They can put on socks if they want. They can have ankle guards to protect their knees too. In most cases, players play barefoot.
  • The game is played over a period of 36 minutes, with three rounds of 12 minutes each.
  • In the case of a draw at the end of the game, players get an additional 3 minutes. Eventually, there’s a penalty shoot to find the winner.
  • Red and yellow cards are also issued in this game. A yellow card stops you playing for a few minutes, while others continue with the game. A red card means you’ll no longer play the rest of the game. There are two referees and both of them can make rules in the game.

There are many benefits to playing this game. Apart from the fact that this sport is a way of keeping fit, it actually does more. Running around and moving with your legs is not easy when you’re sinking in the sand. So, it improves your physical condition more than regular soccer or exercise.

Not only is that, but having to play on the beach also good. Everything you need is there, from beverages and even the atmosphere. You won’t get dehydrated and you don’t have to feel too much heat as you are close to the ocean. In a case that you don’t like this sport, you can probably consider playing usa casino online games for fun or try your luck to win real money. Remember to gamble responsibly.

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