Workout Challenges to Add to Your Fitness Bucket List

Is a marathon one of the fitness challenges to add to your bucket list?

According to health experts, if you want to live a good life, you must keep fit and make sure that you eat healthy meals. Many people think that keeping fit only entails going to the gym and doing the typical fitness exercises day-in and day-out.

To keep fit without going to the gym, you need to get out of your comfort zone by setting big goals. You need to pick a challenging activity that you’re always afraid of doing. Below are seven feats to add to your fitness bucket list.


One Mile Swimming Fitness Challenge

When one thinks of fitness challenges, one-mile swimming does not typically appear on their list. This workout requires several months of training for two reasons. First, so that you can learn the proper swimming techniques, and secondly, so that you can learn how to regulate your breathing properly.

This exercise can quickly be done in a swimming pool because you can easily measure the one-mile distance.When doing this workout, ensure you take the necessary safety precautions. This includes ensuring that there is always someone watching that can pull you out once you are tired.


Annual Long Marathon

Marathons with a massive number of people participating are held annually. The New York, Boston, and Chicago marathons always have tens and thousands of participants every year. It takes several hours to get every participant started. Running in a marathon is not a feat that everyone can achieve.

For you to reach the finishing line, you must put a lot of effort into training. Workout supplements and performance enhancement products from can come in handy during your preparation period.


Obstacle Course Race

Looking for a fitness challenge? How about a Tough Mudder event?

This challenge includes a mix of distance running and army boot camp drills. There are several obstacles that include run-of-the-mill rope climbs, which are also done in gym classes,to running through fields of live wire. It requires appropriate training to accomplish this feat.



Triathlons are a combination of swimming, cycling, and running. They are the perfect test of endurance. It could include a short sprint that might not be as easy as you think, then a half mile of swimming followed by 12.4 miles of cycling. The ultimate test will consist of 2.4 miles of swimming and 112 miles of cycling, and after you complete that challenge, consider it as a lifetime achievement.


The 50 Push-Ups Challenge and Holding a Plank for 2 Minutes 30-Day Challenge

Push-ups strengthen your shoulders, chest, and arms, and also help to increase the core stability. The first push-up isn’t a walk in the park, but several months of regular training will enable you to do perfect push-ups.

Make a new personal record this year. This challenge will increase your core strength and stability. Ensure that you hold the plank for two minutes every day until the 30 days are over.


Hiking to the Highest Peak Challenge

Hiking is an enjoyable sport. To reach the peak of a mountain, you must have trained adequately. Hiking is excellent for cardio fitness and helps to burn calories. This year, aim at hiking one mountain that you will remember for the rest of your life.


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