Stevenage v Northampton Town (17 Sep 2019): Daylight Cobblery – New gaffer, same result; but there's no hanging around as we go again in search of that overdue win

New gaffer, same result – but there’s no hanging around as we go again in search of that overdue win. Carlisle indoors at the weekend was a kick in the teeth after we’d got ahead. Some new bosses get a nice long honeymoon period after taking charge. Mark Sampson had 13 minutes and that’s yer lot. But maybe that was only his mini-moon? In which case, let’s take two and see if we can’t get ourselves out of this rubbish winless run this time.

Not letting our visitors score three goals to be getting on with could be a good start, tbf.


Stevenage v Northampton Town: The Preview…

Who are Northampton Town?

Let’s face it, the Cobblers are a bone fide bogey team for Boro’. In 10 previous encounters with the side from Sixfields, we’ve only come out on top once. Chris Whelpdale and Simon Walton scored our goals four-and-a-half years ago in our first and only (so far) win against Northampton. Since then, the four meetings we’ve squeezed in either side of their time up in League One have produced just the one point. This is almost set up for a Boro’ win, eh?

Our Record vs Northampton Town: P 10 — W 1 — D 2 — L 7 — F 9 — A 17 — Pts 4
Last time out: Stevenage 1-2 Northampton Town, 23 January 2019

What’s their current form?

It’s consistent, we’ll give you that. After losing their opening match of the 2019-20 season, the Cobblers have switched back and forth between losing and not losing. So, this means their form coming into this reads LDLWLWLW. The sharp ones among you will notice that next in this run should come an “L”. But, sadly, football has a habit of not working like that and we should probably not get our hopes up on this being a banker because of this run.

Got a fun Northampton Town fact?

If Kiddy had their ground up to scratch, the Cobblers’ time in the Football League would’ve ended in 1994. But Aggborough didn’t make the grade under the old rubbish rules that got us two years later, so there was no relegation to the Conference for the first time since the old boys scrapped the election system in 1987.

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

95.5 FM and DAB.

What are the bookies saying?

Little you’d want to know about. The Cobblers are coming out as the more favoured of us two, with 13/8 the best price we’ve seen on an away win. For Boro’ to triumph for the first time this season, 39/20 is out there – but expect 19/10 otherwise. Kurtis Guthrie might be a tasty anytime goalscorer punt at 12/5 – same odds you can get on a Boro’ clean sheet.

Which Northampton Town player should we watch out for?

The Andy Williams you’ll see before you ain’t exactly too good to be true, but that doesn’t mean we should take our eyes off him. He’s bagged four goals in nine outings so far this season at an average of one goal every 106 minutes. He scored after five minutes at the weekend, so his current record means we’ll get 20 minutes’ grace period tonight.

Who is reffing this?

Charles Breakspear. He’s been a busy man this season so far, has our Charles. This will be game number eight for our latest man in the middle; already dishing out the cards like they’re going out of fashion: 38 yellow and four red. For us, we hope it’ll be lucky number 13, though it’s nearly two years since our last league win on his watch.

Our Record: P 12 — W 5 — D 5 — L 2 — F 19 — A 14
Last time out: Swindon Town 3-2 Stevenage, 27 November 2018

And finally, what do BoroGuide reckon?

Until we’re sure we’ve plugged the leaks at the back, it’s going to be hard to get some of those much-needed points on the board. Carlisle did little to help us in making that point three days ago. And there are few teams we’d like to play less if history counts for much. But maybe our new boss bounce had a weekend away and is coming out to play here?

Stevenage v Northampton Town verdict: 2-2 – while we’re good for goals at the right end, we’re not sure three days is quite enough time for the manager to plug the leaks at the back that cost us a point or three against Carlisle. He may have other ideas, though.

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