Going To The Match

Salford City v Stevenage: Day one of a new season? It's time, once again, to be going to the match...

…and to think we’d just been getting used to all the peace and quiet. Ha, yeah right. So lost for ideas we were over this summer, we decided to tart the gaff up. You can tell we ain’t all that at DIY though. There’s touching up needed everywhere, innit. But the gaping hole we just couldn’t fill with the Women’s World Cup or the Cricket World Cup or – errrrm – Love Island is no longer a problem. Andy Williams can do one. He’ll find that *actually* this is the most wonderful time of the year and be quick about it too.

It’s time, once again, to be going to the match…


Salford City v Stevenage: The Preview…

So, it’s been a while since we started a new campaign on the road. In fact, you’ll have to go back to 2008 for the last time we had to go elsewhere on day one. And, wowzer, what a nice day we had in Wrexham that day. It may well be that, as we go into our 10th season as a League side, we no longer need home advantage to kick things off? Not that we really made use of it. We’ve not won an opener since Hartlepool came to town in 2014.

And we always beat them in the end.

Who are Salford City?

Oops, where are our manners – banging on about us for so long. Salford City are up first for us and a brand new challenger for us. You could say this is a historic occasion as we meet The Ammies for the first time. But we doubt the media will buy into that, so we kinda think this match will go under the radar this weekend. After all, it’s not like our hosts have famous owners or a massive buzz around them. Next you’ll be telling us that Sky Sports are putting this front and centre on their Saturday lunchtime billing. Haha. What japes…

Our Record vs Salford City: P 0 — W 0 — D 0 — L 0 — F 0 — A 0 — Pts 0

What’s their current form?

It’s not been an electric pre-season for us. But you can say the same about The Ammies too. Even managed to lose at home to Woking, didn’t they. To be fair, that’s classic Boro’ behaviour too. But let’s not be lulled into a false sense of security. It won’t do us any favours. If we’re talking league form, sure, didn’t they have a swagger three months ago?

Got a fun Salford City fact?

The Ammies walk out to the song Dirty Old Town, which you’ll maybe know as a Pogues or even a Dubliners number. It was written about Salford in 1949 by Ewan MacColl, who was born and raised. It was given City status in 1926, so we’re not all that sure why he didn’t think to call it Pretty Shitty City if he didn’t like it.

How do we get to Salford City?

Go up north, left a bit and then round in ever decreasing circles around Manchester. Or take a look at the travel guide on our Salford City club profile.

When will I, will I be famous?

Don’t know. Can you sing or have you invented something?

What are the bookies saying?

The new boys are odds-on favourites for the curtain-raiser, which should surprise only the fiercest of Boro’ partisans. Up with this we’re sure they won’t put. Ho hum. What it does mean is there are some tasty prices available if you think we can be party poopers and the best UK sports bookies will happily sort you out.

Who is Salford City’s danger mouse?

ROOOOOOOOONEY. Adam, that is. Not Wayne. We don’t think we’ve ever seen a player leave a Scottish Premier League side for the Conference before, but he did just that in 2018 after four years with Aberdeen. Bottom line? He knows where the goal is and he ain’t afraid to put the ball there forthwith and hence forth.

Who is reffing this?

Kevin Johnson.

Our Record: P 8 — W 2 — D 3 — L 3 — F 10 — A 8
Last time out: Stevenage 5-0 Swansea City, 28 August 2018

And finally, what do you reckon?

You know how Sky show their impartiality by lining up three ex-Liverpool players for every Premier League? Well, we’re going to have a bit of that here – we assume that Gary Neville will be in the studio. Otherwise, it might not be pretty for us. Let’s leave it at that and all get on with our lives. You’ll feel better for it.

And we’ll start the season properly on more familiar terms next time out.

Salford City v Stevenage prediction: 3-0 – Rooney with at least one.


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