We’ve Changed – A New Look For BoroGuide…


By Pete H

If it’s the right time for Boro’ to get a new badge, it’s also the right time for BoroGuide to look a bit more presentable for this new era too. It’s something we’ve been working on for way longer than we care to remember. But there was a lot to get right before we brought it to you. And there was a lot that could go wrong too. We had 17 years worth of data, info and research to drag across – and it’s not afraid to be stroppy if it doesn’t like you.

It’s pretty much why a few bugs need ironing out, even though we decided now was the right time to go live. Sadly, the BoroGuide coffers didn’t quite stretch to getting someone competent to do it all for us. Maybe we should’ve taken a look at lotteriespromocodes.com and put us in with a shot of winning a wedge. Sure, it’s too late for that now.


What’s new at BoroGuide?

You won’t find much apart from the design that’s new and shiny. We’ve rejigged a few things around here and there, but that’s about it. It’s all about making the site easier to look at and use, especially on your mobile telephonic device. And tablet. Desktops are dead, didn’t you know folks?


What’s not working yet?

Time to ‘fess up. There’s a few things you won’t be able to do at the moment as we still need to get our head around some complex numbers and letters. These are:

  • You can’t filter results by competition on a season page or filter missing game data by season on the, er, Missing Information page.
  • A player profile page won’t let you choose games played by season; instead, you’ll see a big long list of every game played by that guy (you can imagine how long Ronnie Henry‘s page is)

Not only that, but we’ve changed the link structure of the season, player profile, club profile and match information pages. This is only really relevant if you click a link elsewhere to those pages, but we’ve not been able to set up a redirect to the new pages yet. You won’t believe how complicated it seems to be.


So, what’s next…?

Well, not a lot. If you do spot anything that’s not working or looks out of place, please do let us know. Email us, tweet us or whatever; we can’t fix something we don’t know about. Otherwise, we’re going to kick back for the next month or so and see if our Pinnacle VIP Code strikes us lucky.

Oh, we probably ought to create a club profile for Salford City seeing as we’ve got them first up. Probably.