Northampton Spencer: Remember Them?

Oooh Betty! Northampton Spencer weren’t the biggest football club in their hometown, but they’ve not been the biggest bother to the local public purse either. Long before we’d ever hope of meeting the Cobblers in battle (we use the term “hope” loosely), we had to work our way up the ladder. Just like we had to do in every town or city about the place; before Luton Town, there was Vauxhall Motors (Luton), for example. You see?


Northampton Spencer: Who Are They?

The Millers no longer exist – as you’d guess from the use of the past tense in our opener. Not, at least, in the form we’d come to know-ish. Forming in 1936, their unique (as far as we can be arsed to research) suffix is an obvious result of the club’s original name: Spencer School Old Boys. There’s little we can tell you about their fortunes up until 1968, however. It was all junior and local level stuff; more of which can be read here.

In 1968, though, came the chance to join the United Counties League. Northampton Spencer took to Division Two like a duck to water in that debut campaign; scoring 123 times, but still only coming second. It was plenty to see ’em up into Division One. In 1972, Division One was renamed the Premier Division – that’s not our fault. Here, they’d remain heading into the 1980s in spite of a run of ever-worse finishes that ended at the bottom.


Us And Them…

After propping up the Premier for two straight seasons, The Millers went down. In their place for the 1981-2 season came a spritely young upstart with dapper clobber called Stevenage Borough. It was the first of many clubs we’d pass on the stairs. Have that as a fact. In the defence of the United Counties League Knockout Cup that season, however, we were paired with them in Round Two. And our 3-1 win was more or less a formality.


And Then What?

That was that, of course. We didn’t retain the UCLC that season, but it’s a minor detail in a bigger picture. The Millers came close to a return upwards on two occasions during our time in the UCL. By the time they made it stick in 1985, however, we’d already moved on again. You won’t be shocked to discover Northampton Spencer made it no higher than the Premier Division; a title win in 1991-2 was as good as it would get for them.

The Millers were relegated once more in 2012, before returning to the Premier Division in time for the 2015-6 season. That season would be their last; their chairman retiring and Jameeah FC taking over their ground.


Northampton Spencer: Boro’s Record

P1 W1 D0 L0 F3 A1 – League Points: 0, Cup Meetings: 1, Win Rate: 100%


• MORE ABOUT ‘EM: Northampton Spencer club profile


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