It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…

Wycombe Wanderers v Stevenage: It's the end of the world as we know it...

… and we feel fine.

It’s been 10 months, but here we are; almost across the finish line of another season. And at bloody last while we’re at it. The 2017-8 League Two campaign has been one that’s given us more to forget than remember, all told. No need to rush out the commemorative Doovdé, that’s for sure. But we’re looking dangerously capable of ending on a high note. With nothing at stake, the pressure is off both of us and that could well suit us.

Now, we say there’s nothing at stake. There is. For us, we still have that very real chance of finishing up above Crawley. As much, to be honest, as we still do of coming to rest below Crewe. For our hosts, the Wanderers of Wycombe, it’s all done. Our impressive win over Exeter last week was part of the equation that has gifted ’em automatic promotion with a game to spare. Come on Chairboys. You don’t *really* need this one, do you…


Wycombe Wanderers v Stevenage: The Lowdown

The Referee

PW0 D2 LFA3; last result: Grimsby Town 0-0 Stevenage, 30/03/2018

It was his whistle that got our campaign up-and-running. And it’ll be his whistle that will bring it to a close too. Martin Coy is our man in the middle for the third and final time this term; each of the past two meetings were all-square. What odds a third draw? Watching on as fourth official, meanwhile, is the aptly-named Samuel Ogles. Carl Fitch-Jackson and Leigh Crowhurst are the two pretending they know more about offside than you.


The Opposition

P11 WDLF11 A11; last result: Stevenage 0-0 Wycombe Wanderers, 09/12/2017

It used to be the case that we couldn’t beat this lot at home, and the same went for them. It wasn’t ’til October 2015 and our seventh meeting that our 2-1 win indoors broke a weird home hoodoo. Nowadays, that’s all been flipped on its head. They ain’t won at ours since 2014 and we ain’t won at theirs since 2011. We’ve lost our past two trips to Bucks by a single goal, but there’s no separating us overall as we go into this 12th time together.


The Form

You need to win more points than you lose to end up in the top three, and that’s what the Chairboys have done this term. That said, it’s away from Adams Park that they’ve excelled. No other team have claimed more points on the road this season. And you don’t need us to tell you that 43 points from 23 trips is very decent. At home, however, their record is less dazzling. For a side on the up, they’ve only taken two more points indoors than us.

So far, says us tempting fate with this one obviously still to come.

Our hosts have lost once in their last 10; a home humping by champions-elect Accrington two weeks ago. If you take their last eight at home, they’ve lost three of them; one of which was to Morecambe! It’s telling that these guys have let in at least one goal in more than three-quarters of their home games. It’s equally as telling, at the same time, that only Looton have scored more league goals this season. But does it really matter any more?

We know they’re going up. And we know we’re staying down. So, there’s all to play for and nothing to play for.

It’s a head-to-head-heads-up, courtesy of

Wycombe Wanderers v Stevenage: Stats

Wycombe Wanderers v Stevenage: Stats


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