FIFA 18 Verdict: Port Vale (A)

So, a minor win for last week’s FIFA 18 Verdict. No, it didn’t get the final score right. Nor did it get the outcome or total number of goals on the nose either. It’s not perfect, we told you this. What it did do in a rare display of competence, however, was tell you that a 90th-minute goal would have a biiiiig say in things. Maybe it was hurt by our constant criticism of it and decided to get our hopes up, making us think it’d be a Godden winner.

Or maybe it’s inanimate and, therefore, doesn’t ‘feel’ things. This is all a bit too existential for Port Vale away…


The FIFA 18 Verdict

Sorry boss, but we shunned the missus and shut ourselves away in the BoroGuide Man Cave with the PS4 once more. We’re available on Whatsapp if we’re needed, anyway. In keeping with the time-honoured convention of association kickball, we picked 11 virtual men good and true to do our dirty work. And then we got on with the thing we do best: effing and jeffing at the tellybox because, five months in, we still can’t defend properly.

(Neither can the real Boro’. Ed.)


Port Vale 2-1 Stevenage (Pope 15, Kay 39; Newton 12)

T. King; TVC, J. King, Wilmot, Martin; McKee, Sheaf, Amos (71), Bowditch (78), Kennedy; Newton (90)

Fryer, Smith, Franks (Newton 90), Wilko, Whelps, Goddard (Amos 71), Godden (Bowditch 78)



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