WATCH: Boro’ Think It’s All Over… Again!

They Think It's All Over: Paul Fairclough and Kenny's Bouncy Balls...

Mondays. For us, they’re rubbish enough at the best of times. As you share more of your personal space than you’d like with several strangers on an expensive tin tube that takes you right into the smoke, the thought of Crewe’s 97th-minute equaliser has probably done little to make you feel better about it all. We’re right, yeah? You know what? Don’t fret love. They Think It’s All Over is here to the rescue, with yet another Boro’ cameo.


Boro’ Think It’s All Over… Again!

Our first outing on They Think It’s All Over featured a dashing young Gary Crawshaw (and others) showing off all their best ballet moves in celebrating a goal wot they did some time back then. Much like some of the best UK casino sites, however, TTIAO is not afraid of giving more than once. And this time, it’s the rather funny tale of Kenny’s Bouncy Balls that gets the treatment. Oh, and some ad-lib commentary from Jonathan Pearce.

Howlin’ growlin’ Grazioli, eh? Watch on below amigos…

Now, hasn’t that made you feel better about things and brightened up your commute home? It’s something to raise a smile, not least if you’re nestled inside a stranger’s armpit with all their stink of the day. Mmm, nice!



If you don’t quite remember the story of the first time Stevenage met Newcastle, it all got a bit silly. The Toon didn’t like the idea they had to play at our gaff and were probably just a little wounded that no-one apart from themselves (and Woking, let’s face it) wanted them to win. That wasn’t our fault, though. We were but a small and humble non-league club; painters and decorators and butchers and bakers. Or something.

It seems as if our failure to roll over after going a goal down after three minutes didn’t go down well with our guests. And, in holding them to a draw, the fall-out started. If you can ignore the Telegraph’s wonderful-but-sadly inaccurate caption, Kenny’s claims about the ball is right up there as one of the worst excuses in football. There were also some mutterings about the non-league wind we were using that day too.

Of course, Newcastle ran out winners in the end. VAR was a good 25 years from sparing us the false legitimacy of Alan Shearer’s first. But at least we parted on good terms, didn’t we Kenny? Kenny? Hello? Oh…


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