Yeovil Town (Home): FIFA 18 Verdict

FIFA 18 Verdict: Yeovil Town (H)

“Must do better”: That’s what a school report would read, if such school reports are ever used to appraise our FIFA 18 Verdict. And what sort of enlightened education system feels that it should be reporting on a two-bob computer game-based prediction, er, things in any case? The French one?! We very much doubt it. And laugh in your general direction. But we were doing that anyway. So, bringing it nicely round: Yeovil Town at home is it?

The FIFA 18 Verdict

Are we going to see a change in system this weekend? With Revell Revell out after committing the worst foul* you’ll ever see, we’re thinking an extra man will come into the middle. Taking such liberties with this means it could well be that we’re off piste before a ball is kicked. Might as well bring the inevitable forward, right? Let’s get going then, with how we see Stevenage v Yeovil Town panning out. And how, ultimately, it won’t pan out…


Stevenage 1-1 Yeovil Town (Wilkinson 76; Zoko 56)

T. King; Henry, Wilko, Wilmot, Franks; McKee (81), Amos, Bowditch (69), Kenners, Goddard (73); Godden

Fryer, J. King, Conlon (Goddard 73), Newton (Bowditch 69), Vancooten (McKee 81), White, Lokko



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