Notts County (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict

FIFA 18 Verdict: Notts County (A)

A small step forward for our FIFA 18 Verdict, then, as Yeovil Town upheld their end of the bargain by scoring last weekend. Of course, there was also a giant leap back as well; Boro’s four goals putting a decisive end to any crazy ideas that it’d be a draw. So we get knocked down, but we do get back up again. You just gotta roll with the blows sometimes, so let see how far out we’ll be with this predictogram for Notts County away.

The FIFA 18 Verdict

So, lacking much in the foresight department, we’ve opted to go with the same starting line-up as last week. Because why not? You would. At least, we think you would. We didn’t realise until 67 minutes, however, that we’d, for some reason, binned Dean Bowditch. Oops. So, how likely is it Notts County will fail to score at their gaff? How likely is it we’ll keep a clean sheet on the road? And how likely is it anyone is still reading this. Hello. Oh. Er…


Notts County 0-0 Stevenage

T. King; TVC (74), J. King, Wilmot, Martin; McKee, Smith, Amos (87), Kennedy, Goddard (67); Newton

Fryer, Franks (Amos 87), Wilko, Gorman, Godden (Goddard 67), Henry (TVC 74), White




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