Forest Green Rovers (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict

FIFA 18 Verdict: Forest Green Rovers (A)

There are three things certain in life: death, taxes and our FIFA 18 Verdict calling it wrong. For the first time since starting this back up like the third-rate Rolling Stones that we are, our last Verdict put us down to lose against Luton. Sure, had it been three or four weeks ago, it’d have stood a decent chance of being right. The times, however; they are a-changing. Boro’s last two outings suggest, at the very least, that may be the case.

And, yeah – we’re packing in the classic rock references like a Super Trouper (Sure about that one? Ed.)…

The FIFA 18 Verdict

In rampant anticipation of it being the case, we present zero changes to the side that started indoors at the weekend. We think you’ll find that General Sarllito will follow suit. So, how wide of the mark shall we be this time round? We can promise no end of entertainment, don’t you fret. If you can see past the ridiculously full stadium, you may *just* find this Verdict skims the very edges of what is real. And wouldn’t that be a thing?


Forest Green Rovers 0-1 Stevenage (Godden pen 73)

T. King; Henry, J. King, Wilmot, Vancooten; McKee (84), Smith, Amos (65), Goddard (77); Revell, Godden

Fryer, Franks (McKee 84), Wilko, Kenners (Amos 65), Conlon, Newton, Bowditch (Goddard 77)



• Back in the real world, read our full Forest Green Rovers v Stevenage preview 


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