Cheshunt: Remember Them?

Cheshunt: Remember Them?

It’s not Christmas and our spelling isn’t rubbish. Take these two points out of the equation, and we could’ve done “Cheshunt roasting on an open fire” as your gag-aperitif. And, yet, it’d have much the same effect. The rolling eyes; the despairing sighs. You know, the type of reaction you got when you rushed home today with the generic card and garage-bought daffs for the missus. So much for ‘it’s the thought that counts’, eh?


Cheshunt: Who Are They?

Let’s hop to it, then. The current Cheshunt are not the same side formed in 1880. As if you know what we’re talking about. So, in a history-shaped nutshell: there was a club by this name between the years of 1880 and 1931. The modern club, however, came to be in 1946 after a group of businessmen wanted the town to have new footballing representation. The amber and black kit is the result of using Crossbrook Sports as its basis.

As is the ‘Ambers’ nickname.

After competing in the London League (twice), the Delphian League and the Aetolian League in the first few seasons, Cheshunt joined the Spartan League in ’63 and won it at the first attempt. So, on they moved again; this time to the Athenian League and a period of a little less moving around.Well, 13 years. In 1977, Cheshunt joined Division Two of the Isthmian League; gaining promotion to Division One just five years later.


Us And Them…

After just about surviving their first season in Division One, the Ambers didn’t make the grade in season two. Back down they came, this time into Division Two North for the 1984-5 campaign. And it just so happens that coming up (technically) at the same time was Stevenage Borough. That’s us, by the by. And it just so happens (Again? Ed.) that it was an away day at Theobalds Lane that got our league programme up and running.

Our first meeting saw us run out 3-1 winners; Boro’ making a fine start to life in the Isthmian. The return was during the final month of the season, with us making it a league double with a 2-0 win indoors. We still need the line-up for that game, if you have it. Nudge, nudge. And things would continue in the same vein the next season; for the second time in as many trips to Theobalds Lane, we scored three times and took three points.

Cheshunt came to our place on New Year’s Day 1986, by which time we’d already played each other a further two times. In keeping with what had gone before, Boro’ won both; 1-0 in the AC Delco Cup and 4-2 in the HSC. Both of them were at their place. You’d think we were a gimme to win at BHW with such a formidable run of results against the Ambers up to that point. But, no. they  ended up on the right side of the 2-1 scoreline.


And Then What?

It was one of six defeats suffered by Boro’ on their way to the 1985-6 Division Two North title. By the time we came back down in 1988, the Ambers were gone. Not up, but down. Budget cuts at the start of the 1986-7 season saw a mass walk-out at the club. Bottom they finished; to the Spartan League they returned. It wasn’t until 1993 that Cheshunt were back in the Isthmian League. By then, we were closing in on the Conference.

Not that we didn’t meet in-between. In fact, we took on Cheshunt during their troubled 1986-7 campaign; us easing to a 3-0 win in a HSC tie. After that, our next ‘proper’ meeting wasn’t until 1994; us a Conference team, them in Isthmian League Division Two. The HSC took us to Theobalds Lane once more. What could go wrong? Not least because our record there was so strong. Well, a weakened Boro’ side was fielded – and we lost 4-3.

Of course, there have been more HSC encounters between us and them since. It’s just we (BoroGuide) don’t count them as first team matches any more. But we do recall a visit shortly after the arrival of G-Wezzle plus Seven from Farnborough in 2003. What had been the bulk of the Boro’ first XI turned out at Theobalds Lane and lost 4-2. It was almost as humiliating as having Forest Green do the league double over you. Sheesh!


Cheshunt: Boro’s Record

P8 W6 D0 L2 F20 A9 – League Points: 9, Cup Meetings: 4, Win Rate: 75%


• BoroGuide’s Cheshunt club profile – for old time’s sake…


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