FIFA 18 Verdict: Accrington Stanley (A)

Did we get ahead of ourselves? Our soon-to-patented FIFA 18 Verdict had a glimpse of brilliance as fleeting as Marouane Fellaini’s time on the pitch against Spurs. We gave you the right scoreline, which was helpful if you went for Under 1.5 Goals with your pocket money. But it failed on to whom the nil and the one went to. And we realise this is not exactly up to scratch if you’re trying to cut your teeth on football forecasting.

The FIFA 18 Verdict: Accrington Stanley

Let’s keep at it, though. After all, how many times have Boro’ stuck with the same starting XI lately? Yet, the smell of change is in the air (Or is that just Accrington? Ed.). It hasn’t drifted across to FIFA 18’s Secret Lair in the Swiss Alps, of course. Not one of our 1,326 deadline day signings has made the cut. And Tom Pett is still our default left-winger. Because we love you dearly children, we’ll struggle on; making do and mending…

Now, look; we *know* Tom Conlon is about as likely to start as a hermit crab on stilts, but it’s all what we got – so, hush back there. This is another week where our confused face made an early appearance. An OG put us ahead early doors; Kenners not feeling a need to do it himself. But this whole FIFA 18 Verdict is based on the idea we’ll have more shots on target in the first half than our last three games combined. Hmmm. Right-o.

Maybe the real Accy will turn up in the second half…


Accrington Stanley 1-3 Stevenage (Brown 78; Johnson OG 5, Godden pen 66, 69)

T. King; Vancooten, J. King, Wilko, Franks; Kenners, Smith, McKee (61), Conlon (70); Newton (82), Godden

Fryer, Martin, Gorman (McKee 61), Wade-Slater, Gray (Newton 82), Wilmot (Conlon 70), Georgiou



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