Swindon Town (Home): The FIFA 18 Verdict

FIFA 18 Verdict: Swindon Town (H)

Oh, there we are! With the right outcome and bang on with the number of goals scored by the opposition, it seems our last FIFA 18 Verdict walks away with two out of four. And that’s half decent. Literally. That is half decent. So, now we are fully accredited and qualified (Probably? Ed.) to tell you what the future has in store, let’s see if Swindon indoors will be nasty or nice. Even though, technically, it’s all in our own hands…

The FIFA 18 Verdict: Stevenage v Swindon Town

The team has a familiar look to it; us unable to call on Luke Amos for this one. So, we brought Tom Pett back for Fraser Franks. Harsh, but we’re at home and we like to attack. And it was a pretty upbeat first half on the whole, but for an absolutely jarring miss from Matt Godden; heading wide from three yards out. If that. We don’t know how we managed it. Sorry, how he managed it. In the end, it didn’t really matter…


Stevenage 1-0 Swindon Town (Newton 79)

T. King; Henry, J. King, Wilmot (86), TVC; Pett, McKee (80), Smith, Kenners; Newton (82), Godden

Fryer, Franks (Newton 82), Wilko (Wilmot 86), Gorman, Conlon (McKee 80), Wade-Slater, Georgiou




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