Soham Town Rangers: Remember Them?

Soham Town Rangers: Remember Them?

To have a 100 per cent record from one game or, well, 100 is one and the same. And we mean that in numerical terms alone, you understand? It’s not up for debate on that basis. Morally, of course, you can go to town on the very idea that beating Team A once and never again is somehow better than lording it over Team B every week since records began (1951? Ed.). Soham Town Rangers are a side – not unlike some others – that we ‘boast’ one of those iffy perfect records against. The question is how and why we came to even meet in the first place…


Soham Town Rangers: Who Are They?

Greens, Rangers or Town; no matter which nickname you wish to refer to ’em as, the Cambridgeshire side have been around since 1947. The formation of Soham Town Rangers was the result of the merger between, wait for it, Soham Town and Soham Rangers. Neither club had made it to their 20th birthday, nor had they featured outside county competition. It’s no shock that it was in the Cambridgeshire League that this new club took the first steps forward. In 1956, however, they made the switch to the Peterborough & District League.

After an unsuccessful application in 1959, Soham Town Rangers were let into the Eastern Counties League in 1963. If you were looking to place one of your Colossus Bets between 1963 and 1989, you’d put it on Rangers to finish in the bottom half of the table. That’s because it’s where they finished almost every season. In three seasons during this time did they concede more than 100 goals; the 1988-9 Eastern Counties Premier League campaign was the biggie, with 125 goals hitting the back of their net en route to rock bottom of the table.


Us And Them…

That’s all very well and kinda funny, we hear you scream from your Weird Person Deckchair next to the A505. Where do we fit in, though? It was indeed during this period of history, that’s for sure. And it was during the 1984-5 season, to be exact. With Boro’ making their Servowarm League Division Two North debut this term, the FA Cup is the excuse as it so often is for an unlikely pairing. We met Soham Town Rangers at home in the First Qualifying Round and won 2-1 thanks to goals from Paddy Butcher and Graham Cox. That’s about it!


And Then What?

The 1984-5 season was one of Rangers’ better ones in the ECL, though they still only managed to come 12th. Boro’, meanwhile, were knocked out of the cup in the next round by Nigel Clough’s Burton Albion. If we fast forward onto 1989, though, we’ll pick up the Soham Town Rangers tale once again. The 1990s had good and bad seasons for the club, though the bad ones were never enough to see them drop down from the Premier Division after promotion in 1993. Fast forward again to 2008 and something remarkable that happened.

Soham Town Rangers won the Eastern Counties League that year, earning a spot in the Southern League as a result of that feat. At the end of the 2010-1 season, however, they transferred to Ryman League Division One North. It’s been there ever since you’ll have found Rangers doing their thing, mixing with the likes of Hertford and Ware in the process. It’s not always been easy; 7th is as good as it has got to date. But that’s still progress if you compare it to when we first met. You know, where our 100% record against them starts and ends…


Soham Town Rangers: Boro’s Record

P1 W1 D0 L0 F2 A1 – League Points: 0, Cup Meetings: 1, Win Rate: 100%


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