FIFA 18 Verdict: Morecambe (A)

It’s nice to be wrong. Well, on occasion. Let’s not think we’re out to make a habit of this or anything. And our last FIFA 18 Verdict was at least half right; Boro’ failing to score upheld one side of the bargain we created. A new week brings with it a clean slate; the chance for us to redeem ourselves. That’s not only with our powers of prediction, but also to prove we’re no muppets with the PS4 control pad either. We’re willing to whisper it quietly, too, that Morecambe won’t put up as tough a test as Reading did. In the land of make-believe, that is.


The FIFA 18 Verdict

Now, we’ve been super prepared this week and got this one out the door early. It might not be to our credit, however. For the first time we’ve seen, the FIFA servers were allowing us to give this fixture a run out before we’d even broken the back of the week. Yet, we had no Tom King available to us; Harry Beautyman and Kevin Lokko, meanwhile, were. Odd. So, we’re not even past the first name on the teamsheet before you can argue this ain’t up to the level of realism we know you’ve come to expect. No fanfare for Ronnie Henry, either. Tsk…


Morecambe 1-3 Stevenage (Rose 79; King 26, Pett 40, Kennedy 51)

Fryer; Henry, King, Wilmot (83), Martin; Pett, Smith, McKee (69), Kenners (78); Newton, Godden

Day, Franks (Wilmot 83), Wilko, Whelps, Samuel (Kenners 78), Gorman (McKee 69), Gray




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