Stevenage: One of the Top Places Where Premier League Players Are Born. 

Stevenage: A home to top Premier League players

That’s right! Stevenage is one of the top places for producing Premier League footballers based on population size. From analysing where all 558 Premier League players were born this season, ticket website has been able to calculate that the town of Stevenage punches above its weight when it comes to producing top flight footballers.


Stevenage, Eh?

Our town has an official population of just over 87,000 people. It also currently has two players in the Premier League: Ashley Young (Manchester United) and Jack Wilshere (Arsenal). This means that the ‘Nidge of Hertfordshire, England, has a Premier League player for every 43,500 people. And that’s an amazing stat!

Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)
FA Cup: 2013–14, 2014–15
FA Community Shield: 2014

Ashley Young (Manchester United)
Premier League: 2012–13
FA Cup: 2015–16
EFL Cup: 2016–17
FA Community Shield: 2011
UEFA Europa League: 2016–17


The only other places above Stevenage are Leyton, East London and Bacup in Lancashire. In terms of major trophies won, however, the Hertfordshire town is leading the way. For the actual number Premier League players produced, meanwhile, the city of Liverpool is out in front. It is, though, a much bigger city than Stevenage.

Rank  Players Place of Birth Population Players Per Population
1 2 Bacup 13500 6,750
2 2 Leyton 14000 7,000
3 2 Stevenage 87,100 43,550
4 2 Hastings 92,200 46,100
5 5 Southampton 254,300 50,860
6 8 Liverpool 484,600 60,575
7 5 Wandsworth 316,100 63,220
8 2 Preston 141,800 70,900
9 4 Stockport 290,600 72,650
10 2 Bedford 168,800 84,400

We hope you like our findings and look forward to the next star being produced from the town.


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