FIFA 18 Verdict: Crawley Town (A)

It’s the 43rd most glamorous English football match due to take place this weekend. Of course, this is our own scoring system we’re applying here. But you come round here to our gaff and convince us that Grimsby Town v Accrington Stanley is the stuff dreams are made of. Not bloody likely. Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yes, right – our trip to Crawley. And having now escaped the Christmas clutches of the family, we now bring to you what you’ve been banging on our door for. Pray silence for the joyous miracle that is the FIFA 18 Verdict.


The FIFA 18 Verdict:

It’s not often that Boro’ honour their League Two obligations in front of a full house. In the real world, it won’t be any different down at the Stadium. Not that FIFA 18 is having any of that. Standing room only, room on top and all that palaver as we took to the field with a similar, yet not the same look as we left it at Sincil Bank. Out goes Samuel, in comes Kenners; out goes TVC for obvious reasons and in comes Wilko. The usual suspects on the bench. And, with no further ado, let’s repeatedly bash the X button and get this started.


Crawley Town 1-1 Stevenage (Randall 21; Newton 79)

Fryer; Henry, King, Wilko, Martin; Gorman (72), Smith, McKee (59), Kenners (82); Newton, Godden

Day, Franks, Whelps, Beautyman, Pett (McKee 59),  Samuel (Kenners 82), Conlon (Gorman 72)




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