Chesterfield (Home): The FIFA 18 Verdict

FIFA 18 Verdict: Chesterfield (Home)

Call us detached from reality, but our soon-to-be-patented FIFA 18 Verdict is as close as you’re going to come to ‘accurately’ predicting Chesterfield indoors. In a late and frantic bid to stop our match previews getting all TL:DR (It is Christmas after all. Ed.), we’re handing the virtual world its own weekly corner. At least ’til you tell us to stop it and to cop on and to put things back the way they were. So, it’s the Spireites at home is it you say?


The FIFA 18 Verdict:

We’re like knowing what’s what, don’t we? True to the gaffer’s form of late, then, making changes to the Boro’ line-up – our Boro’ line-up – was off the agenda. Unless you count Newton for Samuel and Franks for Wilko. In which case, we are obliged to disappoint. Here’s the starting XI, the bench VII and the 411 from the Lamex. Or Town Park as we have to call it, because EA Sports haven’t got around to creating our humble abode. Yet.


Stevenage 2-0 Chesterfield (Godden 56′, 86′)

Fryer; Henry, King, Franks, Martin; Whelps, Smith, McKee, Pett; Newton, Godden

Day, Kenners (62, for Whelps), Samuel (87, for Godden), Gorman (69, for McKee); Conlon, TVC, Wilmot



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