The glory days that Wycombe Wanderers fans no doubt remember – but how much do you remember about them?

Just ‘cos we’re still yet to meet them this term, it doesn’t mean you have an excuse to have forgotten what you knew about Wycombe Wanderers. Oh yes, that’s right. It is back to the future once more as our reminisci-series takes a fancy for the contemporary. And you won’t get much more contemporarified (Making up words again? Ed.) than one of the other 23 clubs lining up with us in League Two. Or much more local, either. After all, we are talking one of our 3CR bedfellows too. So, let’s get this done and break the back of this week in the process.


Wycombe Wanderers: Who Are They?

The glory days that Wycombe Wanderers fans no doubt remember – but how much do you remember about them?

For 130 years, the Chairboys are believed to have been kicking a ball around in anger. Or maybe discontent. We can’t vouch for their mood on a game-by-game basis now, let alone back in 1887. If you believe Wikipedia, it took seven years for the club to do anything ‘of note’. By that, we’re not having a pop. It’s simply that friendlies were about the extent of their competition until Wycombe entered the FA Amateur Cup (1894); FA Cup (1895); and Southern League (1896). The Football Club History Database backs up the latter, although not the former.

In 1908, Wycombe Wanderers kicked the Southern League into touch and went full-on amateur. They created a home in the Great West Suburban League ’til 1914, then the Spartan League after the First World War One had ended. In 1921, however, came the decision to join the Isthmian League and the start of an association that ran for 64 years. And in that length of time, there were seven championship wins and an FA Amateur Cup title too. By this point, however, times were catching up with them; amateur football having been axed by the FA in ’74.

Again, we bow down to Wikipedia’s knowledge. Twice between 1979 and their seventh Isthmian League title in 1983 did Wycombe reject the chance to join the Alliance Premier League (or Conference as we’d know it now). It wasn’t ’til 1985 that the Chairboys accepted promotion. Not that it lasted long; the club immediately falling back to the Isthmian League. Not that it lasted long either. A dominant eighth title win saw them return to the Conference a year later and, within six more years, Martin O’Neill was leading them to the Football League.

Wycombe were the last Conference champions promoted to the League for four years. Oh, and the Chairboys remain the last side to do the non-league double (despite our best efforts in 2010). So, there’s a fact for you…


Wycombe Wanderers: Us And Them…

But for our ground ‘issues’ in 1996, our shared story would have long since started. The wait that could’ve been three years instead took 17. We first met in October 2010; the Chairboys giving us a stark introduction to life in the League. We won at their place, however, and both ended up going up to League One together. As we kept our focus upwards, Wycombe Wanderers didn’t; the Chairboys sent packing back two full campaigns before we failed in our bid to keep our heads above the League One waterline. And there, in 2014, they were waiting…

Since then, we’ve had six meetings in League Two. And, if we skip our less-than-memorable 3-1 defeat indoors in August 2014, both sides have now sharpened up at home. For the time being, that is the last instance of an away win in our encounters. Of course, that could change on 9 December. We bloody hope it doesn’t, to be fair like. The Chairboys have won the last two at their place by a single goal to nil, while we have put five past them on the way to two wins from our last two home meetings; the most recent finishing 3-0 to us. Happy days, eh?


Wycombe Wanderers: And Then What?

And then what indeed. Our next meeting is pencilled in for 9 December and nothing should be changing that; Wycombe Wanderers coming over for a pre-Christmas catch-up. For the return, t’will be an end-of-season ding-dong at their gaff. Of course, we’d prefer it not to be the last game of term. Unless we’re in the top three. Oh Lorde. What a to-do we find ourselves in and it’s only Wednesday afternoon. If it’s alright with you, we’re going for a lie down and to think about the Magic of the Cup(TM) that’s on the weekend horizon.


Wycombe Wanderers: Boro’s Record

P10 W4 D2 L4 F11 A11 – League Points: 14, Cup Meetings: 0, Win Rate: 40%


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