Long Buckby: Remember Them?

And, lo, did BoroGuide come back from holibobs and all was right with the world once more. Or some words to that effect, we’d guess? From the top of the tree with Southampton to the roots on the ground; our next stroll down memory lane takes us to Northampton. Well, kind of – it’s more Long Buckby than Northampton, but it is the same county. So, we can just about push through this highly tenuous link. Right? But of course. So, without further ado, let’s get this bandwagon back on the road as we find out what we know about the Bucks.


Long Buckby: Who Are They?

Long Buckby: Remember Them?

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Formed in 1937 or 1945 (depending on which bit of their Wikipedia page you look at) as Long Buckby Nomads, the club hail from the Northamptonshire village of the same name. Hardly surprising, yeah? In those heady first years of their existence, local leagues were about as exciting as it got for them. The Rugby and District League and Northants Football Combination are just two competitions you’d have found the Bucks taking part in prior to the Summer of ’69. Oh yeah. As man landed on the moon, the Bucks leapt into the United Counties League.

At first, it seemed like a doddle. In their debut season, Long Buckby were crowned champions of UCL Division Three. That step up didn’t faze them either; after going up, two successive Division Two titles were to follow. The second of these pair of titles earned them a place in Division One; actually now the Premier Division after being renamed that summer. It would become a long-standing place of residence for the Bucks. For the next 43 years, the Premier Division is where they were at. And it is where we would find them in the early 1980s.


Long Buckby: Us And Them…

Like themselves, Boro’ took to life in the United Counties League like a duck to water. After claiming the Div One title at our first crack, it was up to the Premier Division. Our first encounter came on 10 October 1981 at Broadhall Way, and it was settled in our favour by an Andy Hughes goal. Late on that campaign, we made it a league double over the Bucks with a 2-1 win at their gaff. If only it could always seem as easy as that. There was some considerable revenge exacted for that upstartyness by Long Buckby the following season.

If that’s a goal betting tips had odds on the third meeting between our two sides, you’d have been tempted to plonk on Boro’ to win at home on 2 October 1982. Nope. The Bucks were imperious, winning 4-1 on our patch. It was then their turn to complete a league double later on that season, with their 2-1 victory at Station Road. In the grand scheme of things, it was honours even. It was only fitting, perhaps, we both picked up a win each the following season; us 4-2 indoors, and them 2-0 at theirs. All square after three seasons and fair’s fair…


Long Buckby: And Then What?

Long Buckby finished eighth, seventh and eighth in the time we spent in the UCL Premier Division. Consistent. The season after we left, however, they recorded their highest finish to that point: second. It’s not as if we had held them back; only once in those three seasons did we finish above ’em! It was nearly a quarter of a century before the Bucks hit such heights in the league again, finishing second in 2008. And, yet, it wasn’t much longer until that elusive title; the club crowned champions in 2012 after amassing 108 points and 130 goals.

If that wasn’t startling enough, they only pipped Kings Lynn by two points. Talk about a two-horse race! Now, however, they’re back (if you can call it that after such a long stretch) in Division One after relegation in 2015.


Long Buckby: Boro’s Record

P6 W3 D0 L3 F9 A11 – League Points: 9, Cup Meetings: 0, Win Rate: 50%


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