Woking: Remember Them?

Efe Sodje scores Boro's third against Woking on Easter Monday 1996

At Boro’, we’ve taken on our fair share of opponents over the years and some of ’em have been no more than passing acquaintances. Meanwhile, there are also those who became – well – irritatingly familiar. For all those many, many times we’ve been forced to face the likes of W*king, for example, there’s no shortage of the rarer match-ups either. We decided to look back through our archives and see how many you can remember. So, let’s crack on and ask you this: where, in the grand scheme of things, do our old adversaries from Woking stand?

It was a matter of time, that’s all. Our wheely-go-round-random-club-generator (Patent pending? Ed.) had to flick the pointy-thing-of-choice in the Cards direction at some point. And, now, it has – though not before Get Surrey penned an excellent nostalgia piece late last year. But, hey, we take solace knowing it ain’t the first time Woking got in there at Stevenage’s expense. Mind you, it’s the first time in a long while. And the last time in a long while, probably. Back in mid-1990s, however, us and them created one of the fiercest rivalries of the day.


Woking: Us And Them

Efe Sodje scores Boro's third against Woking on Easter Monday 1996

The tale of us and them came to life in the Conference, but it started seven years before we took our seat at non-league football’s top table. And much like our whole 1987-8 Vauxhall Opel League Division One season, our first meetings with Woking were not much to write home about. Unless you write home about taking one point from a possible six. That’d be odd, if we’re being honest. If that sounds mediocre, it’s worth bearing in mind that – in 1995 – Boro’ lost by three goals in three successive fixtures spaced six months apart. Ouch.

April 1996. To take a punt on who’d win the Conference title meant either betting on Stevenage Borough or Woking. On Easter Sunday, we found out just how good Cloughie’s side was. Not only did Boro’ lay down their credentials, we absolutely blew them away in a 4-0 tour de force. It’s still one of our best ever showings. Well, we think so. It also made sure that our pals from Surrey had to settle for second again. Think Spurs and the Premier League. The Cards never again came as close to the Football League as that again. Sorry, not sorry.

Woking did, however, have the FA Trophy to fall back on – and Boro’ couldn’t stop them from making it three pots in four years, despite an epic semi-final tussle in 1996-7. You can even relive the encounter on the “You Choob“. Still can’t work out why a two-legged tie had to go to a replay, mind. After that, things kinda tailed off. Both us and them spent a bit of time being a bit rubbish as a new wave of clubs left Boro’ and the Cards pining for those titanic mid-1990s times. Not that it stopped either us or them having our moments, you understand?


Woking: And Then What?

As GW hauled us up and out of danger in 2002-3, imagine this: Boro’ saved Woking from relegation. Of course, the Cards did do their bit – but it’d have been all for nothing if we hadn’t beaten Southport. After two seasons of relative improvement for us both, our previously entwined fortunes parted. One of us continued to push for promotion, the other slid back down the table. It was all summed up in 2010, as we won the Conference again. The Cards, meanwhile, were nowhere to be seen; relegated down to Conference South the previous year.

St Woking Day: Every year since ’99…


Boro’s Record vs Woking

P40 W12 D9 L19 F51 A64 – League Points: 42, Cup Meetings: 8, Win Rate: 30%

BoroGuide’s Woking club profile – for old time’s sake…


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