Brightlingsea Regent: Remember Them?

Brightlingsea Regent: Remember Them?

At Boro’, we’re no stranger to our fair share of opponents over the seasons. Some of them are little more than passing acquaintances; minor footnotes in the ledger. Others, meanwhile, are irritatingly familiar. For all those many, many times that we’ve faced off against the likes of W*king, there’s no shortage of the rarer match-ups too. The lesser spotted oppos, if you will. We’re trawling through our vast archive to see how many teams you (and, to be fair, we) can remember. So, where in the grand scheme of things do Brightlingsea Regent stand?

It’s one of the more unusual names, we’ll grant you that. At the same time, however, a nice change from all the boring Towns, Uniteds and Cities dotted throughout the English pyramid. The Rs, however, used to strut their stuff as Brightlingsea United and that’s how we’d have known them at the time of our one and only meeting to date. And their ‘Regent’ moniker? Well, that came a little later. 2005, in fact, and their merger with Regent Park Rangers. It almost feels like we missed the boat. But crack on with this we must and crack on we shall…


Brightlingsea Regent: Us And Them

Brightlingsea Regent: Remember Them?

So, as we said, we just have the one meeting with Brightlingsea Regent – or Brightlingsea United as they were – to report on. It’s back to November 1989 we go. Just a couple of weeks after the Berlin Wall came down in, er, Berlin, another historic moment was being forged. Yes, that’s right. The FA Vase Second Round draw paired us with the Rs, with Boro’ making the jaunt eastwards to North Road. Noel Blackwell and Ian Richardson found the net as Brian Williams’ side ran out 2-0 winners and earned a place in Round Three. And, well, that’s about it.

The defeat to Boro’ didn’t do Brightlingsea too much harm. At that time, the club were members of the Essex Senior League and went on to claim a second title in as many seasons. They stepped up to the Eastern Counties League, but resigned in 2002 after a mass exodus including their manager and most players. After regrouping in the Essex and Suffolk Border League, the newly-formed Brightlingsea Regent came back strong. From next season, you’ll find them in the Isthmian League Premier after romping to the Div One North title last season.


Boro’s Record vs Brightlingsea Regent

P1 W1 D0 L0 F2 A0 – League Points: 0, Cup Meetings: 1, Win Rate: 100%

BoroGuide’s Brightlingsea Regent club profile – for old time’s sake…


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