Milton Keynes City: Remember Them?

Boro’ have taken on their fare share of opponents over the years and some of those teams have simply been no more than passing acquaintances. Meanwhile, there are also those others that became – well – annoyingly familiar, right? For all the many times that we’ve faced the likes of W*king, for example, there are no shortage of rare match-ups either. So, it makes sense for us to look back through our archives to see how many you can remember. For example, where do Milton Keynes City stand in the grand scheme of things?

Now, don’t go confusing ‘The Gladiators’ with the side that uses the MKC moniker today. After all, we are not here to wax lyrical about “one of the largest youth football clubs in the Milton Keynes area“. The standard of our opposition back in the day wasn’t as good as it perhaps it is now, but we didn’t go around taking on kids’ teams. Also, and as far as senior sides go, there have been two incarnations of MKC: one between 1974-1985, another between 1988-2003. Guess which one we’re more bothered about? Here’s a clue. It’s the first one.


Milton Keynes City: Us and Them

Milton Keynes City: Remember Them?

Right, before we start on the usual formalities, here’s a tale about Milton Keynes City, er, MK I. It relates to a time not that long before our first meeting with them. 1979, to be precise. It appears that Ron Noades, then chairman of Wimbledon, wanted to move the Dons to Bucks. Oh, yes – so it wasn’t a new idea in 2003! Noades then bought a controlling interest in the MKC club, installing directors and working towards merging the two – based in MK, using the Dons’ League place. It didn’t happen, clearly, and Noades sold that interest a year later.

Just think. In a parallel universe, our first encounter with The Gladiators could have been – in fact – our first encounter with an embryonic MK Dons. OK, so the Dons were a League team and unlikely to be taking part in the FA Cup Preliminary Round back in 1983. So, maybe it’s a moot point after all that waffle. The nuts and bolts of our record against MKC are fairly straightforward. Thanks to goals from Ronnie Lear and Martin Gittings, Boro’ won 2-0 on Saturday 3 September 1983. And, at the end of the next season (1984-5), MKC were no more.

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