FIFA Talent Scout - Stevenage FC Experts Needed!

Are you one of the few – or should that be many – Stevenage FC experts out there? Well, EA Sports could do with your help! The FIFA Talent Scout team have been in touch with us because they’re looking to recruit the fans who know our beloved Boro’ inside out. So, does that sound like you there? Do you have a huge appetite for football? Is data the thing you live for? And is your attention to detail so high that it’s touching the ceiling? If so, you’re just what the FIFA Talent Scout team are looking for.

So, what’s the craic? Well the FIFA Talent Scout community has more than 6,000 active members who help review the data for FIFA 17. And because the Talent Scout team wants to make sure FIFA remains on top of the football computer game pile, it’s always looking to expand. That means it is a fantastic chance for those Stevenage FC experts to chip in – lads and lasses who watch the Boro’ week-in, week-out. Alas, it does not give you a chance to change the whole squad’s rating to 99 across the board.


Stevenage FC Experts: Apply Now!

FIFA Talent Scout - Stevenage FC Experts Needed!

The first step into the FIFA Talent Scout community is as a football analyst. You’ll take a gander at the team and player data, offering feedback and suggesting changes. So, maybe Ron Henry can be bumped up to 99 after all? OK, OK – not really, but you could help improve player appearance and attributes – as well as team formations and tactics. That’ll be why Man United now turn out in big games on FIFA 17 with a 9-1-0 formation (no, they don’t. Ed.). The best thing is – there’s no minimum or maximum expectation.

Quite simply, you contribute what you can. After all, your feedback will help improve just how real FIFA 17 and future editions will be. To apply, you will have to answer a number of questions. They want Stevenage FC experts. So if you’re not able to tell your Fraser Franks from your Frankie Fraser, your info could be a bit, er, guff. The most knowledgeable fans will be invited to join the community. If you’re really good, you may even get a chance to join Boro’s editing team. And that means full responsibility for Boro’!

If you do make it to editor status, the FIFA Talent Scout team say they may be able to offer some cash in return. That’s a story for another day, however. First, you have to sign up. You can do that here: Then it’s a case of putting your Boro’ knowledge to good use. So, roll up all you Stevenage FC experts out there – this is your moment! With your help, EA Sports will be able to keep its database right up to date with the most accurate team and player data. And then, it’s in the gaaaaaaame…

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