Doncaster Rovers: Remember Them?

Doncaster Rovers: Remember Them?

Boro’ have taken on their fare share of opponents over the years and some of those teams have simply been no more than passing acquaintances. Meanwhile, there are also those others that became – well – annoyingly familiar, right? For all the many times that we’ve faced the likes of W*king, for example, there are no shortage of rare match-ups either. So, it makes sense for us to look back through our archives to see how many you can remember. For example, where do Doncaster Rovers stand in the grand scheme of things?

Donny, The Rovers or the Vikings (take your pick) feels like a club that we should have an air of familiarity about. But it’s actually been two-and-a-half years since we last met them on the football pitch. And on the timeline of our 13 encounters with our East Coast mainline chums, there’s a big old gap lasting nearly 10 years. It’s not quite the calling card of a club we’ve grown so tired of. But one thing is certain – the 2016-7 League Two season sees us renew our acquaintance with Doncaster Rovers for a first time since January 2014.


Doncaster Rovers: Us And Them

Doncaster Rovers: Remember Them?

Donny liberated themselves of League One status at the end of last season. It’s the lowest the club has found themselves in the pyramid since 2004, when they were crowned Division Three champions and went up into League One. In that time since, there were two spells in the second tier too – the first time that’d been the case since 1958. Of course, their lowest ebb in recent times came in 1998 when they lost their 75-year-long League status. And twas this turning point that saw ’em wander into the headlights of an onrushing Boro’ car.

Indeed, our first seven meetings were torment for Doncaster Rovers. The best they managed during that run was a 0-0 draw with us, and on four separate occasions too. In the other three, Boro’ took home the points each time. And how many goals did Donny put past us in that seven-game, nearly-three-year spell? Just one. But don’t laugh too hard; we hadn’t actually beaten them since November 1999 before our 3-2 FA Cup win in 2014. Overall, we’ve won four to their three and drawn the other six. So, honours are even-ish right now…

The last time we crossed paths in the league came in 2012-3. Oliver Risser (yeah, really!) nodded Boro’ in front at the Keepmoat and to the top of League One temporarily in September 2012. Donny won the return at the Lamex in January, by which time our wheels were coming off. For them, however, they were on their way to an instant return to the Championship. OK, so that return lasted one season too – but by the time they were back, we’d gone down too. With their recent yo-yoey habit, is promotion nailed on for them this term? Aye, probs…

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