Bracknell Town: Remember Them?

Boro’ have taken on their fare share of opponents over the years and some of those teams have simply been no more than passing acquaintances. Meanwhile, there are also those others that became – well – annoyingly familiar, right? For all the many times that we’ve faced the likes of W*king, for example, there are no shortage of rare match-ups either. So, it makes sense for us to look back through our archives to see how many you can remember. For example, where do Bracknell Town stand in the grand scheme of things?

The Robins are one of those teams. By that, we don’t mean a “Luton” or an “Accrington” before anyone starts writing angry tweets about them on, er, Twitter. No, the Berkshire outfit are one of those teams who have a pretty decent record against Stevenage and won’t likely have to protect it any time soon. With four meetings to speak of from the mid-to-late 1980s, we are trailing a long way back in second this particular two-horse race is concerned. And now they’re five steps down the pyramid from us! It’s funny how it works out sometimes…


Bracknell Town: Us And Them

 Bracknell Town: Remember Them?

The first blessed union of Stevenage Borough and Bracknell Town came nearly midway through the 1986-7 Vauxhall Opel League Division 1 season. The Robins clearly didn’t feel it was close enough to Christmas to be charitable, fending off Boro’ with ease in a 3-1 home win. For the sake of symmetry, the trick was repeated in the reverse match that term too. But for a single point, the conversation we’re having now could have been very different though. Bracknell missed out on promotion to the Premier Division that year by ONE point.

In some ways, the following season was different. In others, not so. So, what did change? Well, Boro’ recorded their first win over Bracknell Town in a 1-0 away victory. And, yet again, a solitary point made all the difference to them at the end of term. This time, though, it kept them up instead of coming down with us. And what didn’t change? Their winning habit against us – the fourth, and ultimately final, meeting between us going in their favour. Four games, three defeats and seven let in. It doesn’t read well, no matter how you look at it.

So, what happened next?

Bracknell Town were relegated that next season, but into Division Two South (we were Northside blud). Placed in Division Three upon reorganisation in 1991, promotion beckoned to Division Two in 1994. After five years, it was back to Division Three. And then Southern League Western Division (2004). And then the Hellenic League (2010). Things have stabilised since, if you ignore the one term spent in Division One of the competition. But it means it’ll take something drastic for us to get a chance to correct our woeful record against Bracknell Town.


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