10 Of The Best Boro' Songs

Boro' Fans: 10 Of The Best Boro' Songs

It’s Wigan’s biggest cultural contribution since the Big Bang, but this Will Grigg debacle got us thinking: what have been the best Boro’ songs of all time? It’s all down to opinion, of course – but we think you’ll agree we’ve had some absolute choons in our time. And, no, not “Boom Boom Boom, Let Me Hear You Say Haber”. So, what have been best Boro’ melodic masterpieces? Well, here are 10 of our favourites for you to hum along to…

… or pinch, if you’re a Latics fan.


10 Of The Best Boro’ Songs…

Luke Freeman – Freeman’s On Fire

Mmm, oh yes – we went there. “Freeman’s On Fire / Your Right Back Is Terrified” is the beauty that became the best. The year is 2012, the opposition is Sheffield United and the occasion is the League One playoff semi final first leg. And for the first time since 1997, Gala is about to receive a royalties cheque.

Sadly, Vic Reeves’ dance didn’t quite catch on with it…

Jo Flack – Flack For Good

Whatever I said, whatever I did; I didn’t mean it. I just want Jo Flack for good” – we neither have a picture of him beside us, or his lipstick marks still on our coffee cup. Young striker Jo Flack made just 22 appearances for Stevenage, but was often serenaded by one of our favourite Boro’ songs ever.

Dani Lopez – La Lopez

What makes a decent song? If it’s one that makes people want to sing it for the entire duration of a game the player it’s about isn’t even part of the action, this is one of the decent Boro’ songs. La-la-la-la-Lopez

Anthony Elding – I’m A Believer

And then I saw his face, his name is Eldinho; not a trace, left his marker behind. I’m in love. Woooo! His name is Eldinho, he couldn’t leave us if he tried…” But he did leave us, albeit down to GW…

George Boyd – He’s Electric

He’s electric. He’s got a manager who is eccentric. He’s done thing we never expected. And his name’s George Boyd” – one of the most gifted Boro’ players of all time deserved a song (or two) to match.

Santos Gaia – Santos Gaia’s Coming To Town

A large number of duh-duhs and then Santos Gaia’s Coming To Town. Either we couldn’t be bothered with more words, or that proved too much. Still, it ended up making for a memorable tune all the same.

Rob Quinn – Obviously

Obviously, he’s outta your league. How can you win, when we’re playing Rob Quinn” – it’s not completely accurate, obviously. After all, Quinn was on the losing side when he made his Boro’ debut in 2004.

Matt Hocking – Hocking All Over The World

No finer coming together of factors – Status Quo blaring over the Underhill PA system with Matt Hocking doing half time drills in front of the Boro’ faithful. It was probably the Longest three minutes of his life.

Stacy Long – Stacy Long Has Got It Goin’ On

Barely no-one remembers Fountain of Wayne. It took them eight years to have a recognisable hit. We then took it and used it for Stacy Long and that’s what sticks in our mind more than the band themselves.

General – (Is This The Way To) The Britannia

Is this the way to the Britannia, every night I’ve been hugging my pill-ah / Dreaming dreams of the Britannia, the Football League it waits for me” – and it ended up waiting for five more years.

Alan Paris – Bonjour Alan Paris

A bonus 11th entry – because you can only be in awe of the lyrical craft that went into this one…

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