Moor Green - courtesy of: sjdean/Panoramio

Moor Green - sjdean/Panoramio

Boro’ have taken on their fair share of opponents down the years and some of those teams have simply been no more than passing acquaintances, while there are others that have become – well – annoyingly familiar. For all the many times we’ve faced teams like Woking, there have been rare match-ups too. So, we’re asking, where do Moor Green stand in the grand scheme of things?

Moor Green: Us And Them

This one is going to be a short tale to tell, for the footballing relationship between Moor Green and Stevenage Borough back in the early – or would you say mid – 1980s was a fleeting one. Paired with the Midlands side in the 1983-4 FA Cup 1st Qualifying Round, we did manage to stretch our brief encounter with the Moors out across two sets of ninety but that’s as far as we go. Do you remember them? You’d be hard pushed to.

It’s not the blink-and-you-miss-it nature of our paths crossing either. Our record against the Moors is all but forgettable too. It doesn’t go down as the most comprehensive sample as far as the data is concerned, but Moor Green showed us the FA cup exit door that season: 0-0 at our gaff, 1-0 (to them, clearly) at theirs. No wins, no goals… and, since 2007, no chance to ever get that head-to-head record into shape.

That’s because Moor Green have become little more than one of those fading names in the non-league archives. It’s now nearly nine years since the club banged heads together with Solihull Borough to establish the side we know today – Solihull Moors. We think Borough Green could’ve worked just as nicely, but we weren’t consulted. With the merger, 106 years of the Moors’ history was bookended and a new chapter opened.

After naffing around for the first two decades of their existence, Moor Green decided to give competitive football a go in 1922. It wasn’t ’til 1983 that the Moors stepped outside the relative confines of district and regional football to join the Southern League Midland Division – the year they met Boro’. After that, there was promotion and relegation and promotion until their last port of call – the Conference North – for three campaigns.

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