Angelos Epithemiou

Angelos Epithemiou

Ah yes, Cambridge United – it’s getting to that point where we’ve met them more times than we care to remember, though it’s fair to say we have more cause to recall the most recent encounters given that we’ve won five of the last six games against our cousins from the other side of the county border. And it’s not a relationship that’s been short on drama over the years.

When it comes to travelling up to their gaff, it has tended to go one of two ways – either we get made to look like right chumps by conceding in the last minute, or we make them look ordinary in front of their adoring public. If that’s dealt in turns, we are on for the former this weekend. And that don’t tickle our fancy by any stretch of the imagination. Neither should it yours.

The good news is that we rock up to the R Whites Lemonade Stadium or whatever they’re calling it at the moment leading the field in terms of League Two’s recent form stakes. No-one has done it better than us over the past 540 minutes, with four wins and two draws. Our illustrious hosts, by amusing comparison for now at least, have the third worst form in recent times.

Dig a little deeper and the Us have the second worst form over the last six home games. Overall this term, the Us’ home record reflects their league position – 17th. And that is, coincidentally, where we sit in the League Two away form rankings nowadays. But we’re going to have to be eyeing this one up with relish as we pack up the Boro’ Bus and make the short journey north.

And we’re making that trip with more players at our disposal than has been the case lately – Jerome Okimo going from death bed (well, not really) to starting line-up in the space of two-and-a-half days has been a huge boost, while the midfield looks a nice, settled unit. And then there’s Bennedy, Champion of the World still making the women swoon and grown men cry.

Keith Keane – now there’s a damn straight signing right there, even if one more yellow for him takes him to 10 for the season and a two-game suspension. Not good for a one month’s loan, you see.

If you’re someone who likes to put your money where your mouth is, you can get the away win at 9/5 (Boylesports) and a 3-1 scoreline at 25s. Or is there a sadist side in you? In which case, the home win is 7/4. Ben Kennedy to do anything remotely amazing is 1/100 so not worth a badger, but the idea of Dean Parrett finding the back of the net is a tasty 13/2 (Betfred).

Speaking of money, don’t panic – we weren’t going to sign up without mentioning Cambridge United’s current boss, Dickie Dosh. There, a mention right there for you – fill in your own blanks with that one, but it’ll be interesting to see which manager will be the one messing his pants come the end of Saturday afternoon. Just don’t go conceding in the last minute lads.

We Cam, we saw, we went home again. Cambridge United‘s profile is up next on BoroGuide reading list…