Mork and Mindy

Mork and Mindy

Nanoo, nanoo, you ‘orrible ‘erberts. We’ve almost made it through the week and not a cup upset to report. Next to bother the hallowed turf of our fine, palatial stadium are the chaps from Morecambe. With this fixture, the Shrimpers become our second-most played opponent ever – overtaking Saffron Walden Town. Truly, what an age it is to be alive.

Ours is a past littered with Conference and FA Trophy encounters, and more often than not, we got the better of them. Now we’re both giving this old Football League thing a knock, Morecambe could even swipe Woking off that top perch. We have to wait for another four seasons, but if that’s not one date to put in the diary, then your social life is askew.

This is the League Two table. And what it shows is that we’re two points apart at the moment. Rarely can we be arsed to read too much into form (how can you when you beat Cheltenham and then lose to Maidstone), but there’s arguably very little to tell us two apart. The red/white home shirt; the non-league-come-good story; Jordan Burrow… yep, it’s all there.

We do have a soft spot for Morecambe – it’s a fun day out at the very least, despite being 250 of the most turgid miles of motorway between us. But we ain’t feeling all that generous that weekend and have a serious craving for some points. And some goals. And a win. Can we get all those this weekend? Not for the first time, we have no influence – so stop asking.

Into the squad comes Ryan Brunt from Bristol Rovers, the latest winner of our Be A Boro’ Striker For A Day draw (previous winner Mr D. Charles). No, but seriously, we’re having a weird run of luck on the forward front this season – we make it four either injured or doubtful this weekend, which is quite a lot for a squad that isn’t exactly the largest to start with.

Now, for the shrimping forecast.

You can get yourself in on the home win action for 11/10 with a few bookies as we speak, with Morecambe coming in at 14/5 (Bet365). Two-thirds of our home games this season have clocked up more than 2.5 goals, 39/40 (BetVictor) the best price on that outcome. But we do love a 1-0 home win as much as Morecambe love a 1-0 away defeat – try it at 15/2 (BetVictor).

Can we keep up our decent run against Morecambe? Can we get through a game without another striker getting injured? Do they know it’s Christmas? And what does become of the broken hearted? So many questions to answer this weekend, so little time… but three points will keep us going until next time.

Who the chuffington spelsmy are Morecambe? These chaps here