Laurel Hardy Waah!Sometimes it feels as if you’re in a group of people standing close to a rather large hole and your only saving grace is that there are a few more in front of you. Of course, things as they stand mean that we’re a good foot from the edge of that hole. But it only takes three or four of those in front of us to misbehave and we’re suddenly feeling very uneasy as peer into the abyss. So we have to take the initiative (seizing might be a little hopeful) and make sure we don’t fall in.

We aren’t entertaining the prospect of relegation just yet. It isn’t in our vocabulary, even if the Corporal Joneseseseses among us are becoming more animated in their panic. But it is certain to say that losing at home to a team such as Colchester United (and a team in such form as Colchester) is not acceptable in the slightest. Of course, we may look back in three months time and laugh. But we’re better than that.

Brentford at home then. Oh mercy. A win for the Bees – just weeks after they hardly had to break sweat to overcome us on their own turf – puts them firmly in the hunt for the foot-up to the Championship without having to suffer the turbulence of the playoffs. A win for us is no more useful than gaining further distance between us and the dotted line below. A draw is… well, a draw. Not perfect, but it’s an improvement on recent form!

Amid all the calls to arms from boardroom down to bedroom computer, we need just need to grasp the bull by the horns and get this mess sorted. Us fans can do our bit, but we need everyone to get this Destiny Train back on track – sing your hearts out for the lads and play your hearts out for the fans. Do it, and we’ll all be the best of friends again. Which is nice, now that the sun has come out…

FIFA 13 Verdict:
We were going to do this, but the EA Servers were unavailable. Tsk!

Bookmakers’ Verdict:
Brentford enter this as favourites, but you can still get Evens for the away win if you fancy – BetVictor is your man for that… Three bookies we see will give you 10/3 on the home win. Stan James offers 21/20 on Both Teams To Score, while 19/20 is the price at Ladbrokes for someone to go wanting. Clayton Donaldson is 11/8 to score at any time – the shortest Boro’ odds go at 14/5 with Marcus Haber. Everything correct when written!

Last Season:
Stevenage 2-1 Brentford

Team Tarot (4-4-2):

Gray, Chorley, Roberts (c), Charles

Jeffrey, Dunne, Mahon, Freeman

Hoskins, Haber


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