Crying Beatles FansA bolt from the blue this Wednesday lunchtime? Or was it pretty much nailed on after last night’s tame defeat at Bury? Either way you look at it, Gary Smith’s era at the Boro’ is now at an end. It’ll probably go down as “mutual consent” reading the club’s statement, but it’s another detail that doesn’t really matter any more. It isn’t a particularly nice situation, but you could well say something just wasn’t working.

We were preparing a bit of a rant this morning after losing last night… y’know, asking questions like: Why was Dani Lopez taken off; Why was neither Hoskins, Shroot nor Freeman introduced; Why did we settle for a draw towards the end; and Why does the Sheffield United win now look like the exception to a pretty rubbish norm? But that’s all irrelevant now, because Smiffy hath sadly departé and it’s no longer his place to answer. And we all manage a team so much better once the game is over, for all the good it does.

There were good times – we spent 20 minutes at the top of the division in September; we made the League One playoffs; we smashed Sheffield United; and we took Tottenham back to White Hart Lane and started the flop that allowed Arsenal in last season. However much you attribute that to other factors, he was still the manager. And he seemed like a pretty nice fella to boot. Too nice? Who knows. But it didn’t work as the past few months have shown, and football isn’t a forgiving industry – that door would have been widening with each defeat.

The speculation now starts as to when Graham Westley returns who the new manager will be, but it will be Mark Roberts who leads the team into battle at Tranmere for what will be his second stint as caretaker manager. Last time King Robbo took charge of affairs, it was a pretty successful spell. Whether he can replicate that with an entirely different squad is the big question, but he has our unwavering support as ever!

We’ve just looked at the book opened by Skybet into our next manager – some names are a little more attractive and/or interesting than others (Westley 2/5, Curbishley 22/1, Robbo 25/1, McDermott 50/1) and some want to make us scream! (Peter The Tailor, Paul Buckle, Dickie Dosh). No doubt you all have your opinion about it, so pay your money, take your chance, and let PW do the necessary to move us forward in a Brave New World.



  1. couldnt be happier that gary smith has gone.whether it was his fault tactically or players not pulling there weight a change was i dont think the squad smith has put together is bad and under better coaching can be a force to be reackoned with.i will always support our club through thick and thin and am not in the slightest bit worried while robbo takes the raines.will be interesting to see what is said about what actually went wrong with smiths rain.anyway im going to sleep soundly knowing a new boss is coming in with new ideas and look forward to watching my beloved stevenage.come on lads i know we can do it!

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