A Load Of Old Toffee (2020)

A Load Of Old ToffeeA Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 3: The ALOOT juggernaut is gaining speed each and every week, with the podcast already now three episodes old. You know the score by now – Steve Watkins is your host and Dean Thompson and Mark Hollis are your regulars, while Liam Govey is guest panellist. This weeks topics include the victory against Scunthorpe, Steve Arnold, new stadium fever (or not) and the atmosphere at home games. It is a veritable smorgasbord of top Boro’ opinion, so you know you would do well to have a listen. Email the team: [email protected].

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  1. I love the show I am a massive massive fanatic and I will always listen with a cup of tea and if I can find time stalk the participants and get their autograph on my Elvis Costello CD.

    On another note, would it be plausible to break the episode down into 3/4 chunks for more leisurely listening in a work setting? It’s tough to take it all in over 45 minutes and if there were separate files I could just have a bit at a time.

    That is my feedback and I hope you enjoyed it.

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