A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 2

A Load Of Old Toffee (2020)

A Load Of Old ToffeeA Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 2: With a brand new sparkly jingle, it is the latest instalment from the independent Stevenage FC podcast and Steve Watkins is joined by Dean Thompson, Mark Hollis and Tony Creek. Topics include Robin Shroot (again), the joys of away days and the ever-reliable general public provide some probing questions for the panel – such as who is Boro’s worst ever player and whether a small home pitch hinders the team’s style of play. For plenty to muse over, listen to A Load Of Old Toffee Episode 2. Email the team: aloadofoldtoffee@gmail.com.

No player above? Download the podcast: A Load Of Old Toffee – Episode 2 (.mp3)


  1. Good again so far. Sorry to say that my comment last week still stands however.
    I appreciate that this is “unofficial” and not a “professional” podcast, however, noise in the background is still very off putting.

    Not listened to it all yet, but I am sure the content will be good.

  2. Excellent podcast i enjoyed it, for myself i get why Freemen is not making the line up although it sounded like he was a little brighter against Notts County. i thought you might have done a little more on Arnold i suppose its a bit early i think it might be difficult for Day to get back into the team? I Personally rate Day as a great keeper but his distribution continues to frustrate me. Anyway what a result and what a start to the season “Lucky manager” or “Smithy brilliance” i know which i prefer, agree though not sure just yet which one we have!!

    Come on Boro!!!!

  3. My feelings – I want some background noise in there.

    It would seem dry if it isn’t recorded in a pub. It’s origins are as the Pubcast and I think that’s part of the attraction. It’s a bunch of mates sitting round discussing their team and where else would you do that if not the pub.


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