“We’ll be top by five o’clock” we sang. But almost in an ironic sense; while it was certainly possible for the mathematics to work in such a manner, it couldn’t happen. Surely? But it did transpire that, for a mere 20 glorious and sunny minutes, we were top of the third tier of English football. It wasn’t to last until 5pm, of course. But it just pushes expectations up all the more. Which is nice.

Surprisingly, both Robin Shroot and Luke Freeman did not start the match. Oliver Risser did, and Filipe Morais made a return. We didn’t even think to look at the odds of Risser as first goalscorer, but if we had a time machine, we’d go back and slap £10 on the bookies’ counter. That aside, Boro’ were resilient under pressure and almost stole it at the end to continue a remarkable away record.

Donny’s goal came as no surprise, but to watch back the highlights is to realise that we did have some good opportunities to blag it. One off the line, one well saved, one just over… it would’ve taken just one to remind the home side that learning from the Rocky Baptiste School of How Not To Finish leaves you at risk of being punished for it.

Ratings To Go Top Of The League Briefly By:

Day 7 – Some important interventions to keep the hosts at bay
David Gray - Live Tonight! 7 – We suspect he’s like the Black Knight in Monty Python (It’s just a flesh wound!)
Ashton 6 – Only the RAF has a better command in the air above League One grounds
King Robbo 6 – 200 appearances up for King Robbo and, no, that does not include Chester
Comminges 6 – Effective. Probably not yet seen the best of this lad…
Dunne 7 – The man is imperious and may make the tribunal settlement still look like a bargain
Grant 6 – A week spent shooting with Greg Tansey in training so nearly paid dividends
Filipe 6 – A confident, assured comeback. How Smiffy will juggle these wingers, we don’t know
Oliver! 7 – A surprise starter and a surprise goalscorer. A very consistent performance
Lucas 7 – Oh baby, we love his ways…
Haber 5 – Kept quiet and subdued by the home defence, but determined all the same
Greg 6 – Marshalled the midfield well during the closing stages of the game
Darius 5 – His entry onto the pitch was textbook but that’s pretty much all he had time to do