If You Start Me Up…


A new season? Already? It doesn’t seem that long ago that we rocked back on our pub stool in reaction to that late goal at Bramall Lane, spelling the end of our bid for three successive promotions. It wasn’t the end of the world – it’d been a fantastic season and there was a lot to look forward to, like Euro 2012 and the Olympic Games. Three months to fill with that…

Last night’s victory over AFC Wimbledon made a little bit of history for Boro’, with it being the first time the club had ever won through to the second round of the League Cup. It now means we are proper Football League right? And the actual season start comes ever closer, with Carlisle United making the long trip down on Saturday – it all happens so very fast.

The sounds from the Lamex last night, and the style in which Boro’ won, are almost wholly positive ones. We’ve not actually heard any negative ones, but this is maybe a reality where nothing is 100 per cent and so we have to assume somewhere there is a slight dissent. That means there is plenty to look forward to as the temperatures drop and the days shorten.

The start of the football season means summer is nearly over. But if the cricket authorities will bicker with their superstar batsman over whatever, then perhaps it is for the best. Viva Le Winter!



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