Stevenage Fans
Image: The Comet

In the end, the Destiny Train ran out of steam during the final seven minutes of the second leg at Sheffield United. But it’s been kept busy throughout the 2011/2 season – it has taken us to Hillsborough, White Hart Lane and The Valley. Wembley Stadium was, however, one trip too far.

It would be amiss of us to say that, probably, Sheffield United deserved the win. But that is certainly not going to dent the sense of pride that BoroGuide is not alone in having for lads who have taken this great club further than anyone could have ever have imagined in such a short space of time – certainly not after that 1-1 draw against Tamworth in 2009 that acted as a mere prelude to the title triumph.

The post-match huddle after the riff-raff had been cleared from the pitch last night was quite an example of the unity and spirit this group of players has exuded in the last three years – from the Conference to the verge of Championship football. But, alas, it can’t always be us and this year it won’t be.

While defeat gave Luton and Woking fans a chance to goad (yep, both of ’em are still going down there somewhere), it gives us a chance to finally stop and reflect on the meteoric rise of Stevenage Borough. We might finally get the opportunity to catch our breath too… it has been quite a ride.

It’s certainly not the end. It probably isn’t the end of the beginning either. It’s more like the end of the end of the beginning or something. This summer is the start of a new chapter as G-Smiffy gets the chance to finally get to grips with the team without pressure of a playoff chase or an FA Cup run.

So. What next? Well, we wait and see what (and who) the summer brings. We smile due to the fact we’re Boro’ fans; that Sheffield United fans invaded their pitch after beating us for the first time; that Tottenham needed two cracks at us; that Sheffield Wednesday went up having conceded six against us; that its Pompey and Coventry next year; that we used to be non-league; and that we aren’t any more.

And if you think all of that was gushing, wait til you see the Ratings To Accompany A Closing Montage By…

Day 10
Lascelles 10
Ashton 10
King Robbo 10
Lairdy 10
Wilson 10
The Essential Byrom 10
Bossie 10
Freeman 10
Robin 10
Patrick 10
Moose 10
Beardo 10
Reidy 10
Julian 10
Darius 10
Phil E 10
Murphy 10
Stacy 10
JMW 10
May 10
Winn 10
Don 10
Sinclair 10
Slew 10

… and the rest who have gone, or those we didn’t prepare images for (oops!).