Wycombe Wanderers (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict


By Pete H

If Boro’ can wrap up this campaign on a high, then what is stopping our FIFA 18 Verdict doing the same? Well, apart from that it rarely comes close to calling the right result, let alone actually being right? We’ll give it the benefit of one last doubt (Before we do it all again next season? Ed.) for our trip to Bucks. We all want to end with a bang. But we hope that bang isn’t the PS4 calling it quits and going to the tech graveyard in the iCloud.


The FIFA 18 Verdict

All bets are off for the final match. They don’t need the points, and we can’t do anything with the points. The chance is there, then, for Dino to try something new with his starting 11. Or, indeed, stick with who did a fine job against Exeter. Your guess is as good as ours on the team selection. As long as EA Sports have a list of our Yoof players, we may just come up with something vaguely resembling real life when Dino makes his picks.


Wycombe Wanderers 3-4 Stevenage (Tyson 33, Akinfenwa 69, Jombati 90+1; Newton 13, Godden 36, Whelpdale 86, Newton 90+3)

Fryer; Vancooten, Henry, Sheaf, Wade-Slater (74); Amos, Whelpdale, Kenners (68); Godden (81); Revs, Newton

T. King, Martin (Wade-Slater 74), Goddard (Kenners 68), Conlon, White (Godden 81), McKee, Wilmot




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