Wave Goodbye, Say Hello


By Pete H

Right then. Now we know. The teams a-coming to and a-going from League Two are now set in stone. With it, we can be at least 99% sure of who Boro’ have to deal with when the 2018-9 campaign starts motoring. Some are old faces, and others? Well, no. They’re all old faces. Not a single new one among them. Pity. A brand new away day would’ve gone down a right treat, not least since we’re now rid of Accrington and Luton.


League Two: Waving Goodbye

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For those of you who spent the Bank Holiday Weekend doing something infinitely better than observing the Football League playoff finals (such as watching paint dry or nailing your finger to a piece of plywood), you’ll have missed the last piece in the League Two promotion puzzle falling into place. Coventry’s 3-1 victory over Exeter at Wembley sees the Sky Blues complete the fab four tra-la-lahing merrily arm-in-arm to League One.

Of course, there are three other sides who (admittedly) had the decency to book their promotion place with time to spare. We assume it was so they could head off on holiday early and miss the half term rush. A smart move, if you ask us; Accrington hitting up Blackpool, Wycombe exploring the North Rhine-Westphalian home of famous fan Henning Wehn and Luton dispersing themselves across the easyJet network. Marvellous.

Luton did their thing of stumbling into a distant second, this time behind title-winners Accrington. Wycombe, meanwhile, owe a debt of thanks to Boro’. Their third position was confirmed after we humbled Exeter in our final home League Two match of the season. And, on the flip side, the Grecians will no doubt have something to say about wrecking their promotion hopes when we meet next term. Something to look forward to there.

Oh. We almost forgot to mention the two poor souls dropping out of League Two and into the Conference. It was heartbreaking for all to see Barnet go down on goal difference on the final day. Chesterfield, meanwhile, had long since known their fate after a wretched campaign. Even we did a league double over them! And, yet, still come out of this season with the manager who so nearly saved the Bees: Martin Allen. Yeah. Us neither.


League Two: Saying Hello

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Six have gone, and that means six come in. And, sadly, there’s not a looker among ’em. Back to League Two from non-league purgatory, for example, come Macclesfield Town and Tranmere Rovers. To think it could so nearly have been Boreham Wood, rather than the Wirral side. It has nothing to do with the fact our record at Prenton Park isn’t that great. Needless to say both sides are in a much happier place than in recent years.

Down from League One, meanwhile, come a Greater Manchester double and a M1/Northants/Bucks double. Propping up the table and cast well adrift come the end of term are Bury, while Oldham failed in their bid to survive by a single point. And wedged in-between those two were Northampton and MK Dons. The latter all the more humiliated by the fact that AFC Wimbledon finished eight points ahead of them and stay up there.

Now, you won’t be seeing any of these six destinations in the AA Guide To Great British Getaways. That’s not our fault. Mind you, we didn’t exactly lose much either in the away day stakes. You’d take Oldham as an upgrade to Accrington; Northampton to Luton and MK Dons to, well, somewhere there’s lots of roundabouts. Coventry maybe? That’s beside the point. And this is what we have to work with going into the 2018-9 season.

So, TTFN to those off and a resigned nod of recognition to those in. Maybe we’ll get someone new next year…


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  1. Dear oh dear, sounds like sour grapes to me, Luton stumbling into 2nd place. So what do Stevenage do???? they buy ex Luton players hoping they maybe stumble into 2nd place next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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