Shakin’ It Up Like A Polaroid Picture


By Pete H

In the end, the glow of our great 2016-7 League Two adventure began to fade towards the end of term. After making April Fools of Barnet, Boro’ forgot how to win. And that’s why, of course, the playoffs are taking place without the benefit of our valued input. You’ll no more define our season by an epic run that launched us into the top seven as those six final, winless fixtures that cost us a shot at promotion. It’s a week since the curtain fell, but the gaffer ain’t hanging around. The Stevenage summer transfer merry-go-round is kicking into gear.

Sarlly is now entering his second close season as Boro’ boss at a rate of knots. Last summer, it had been a case of steadying a ship that sailed close to the relegation rocks under Teddy. This time, however, the club has come back strong. After all, 18th to 10th is an improvement whichever way you look at it. So, now the work begins to make sure this time next year we’ll be millionaires we’ve leapt up another eight places in the table? And with it, comes the start of the Stevenage summer transfer ins and outs – with its hellos, goodbyes and what the fups?!


The Grand Stevenage Summer Transfer ‘Appenin’s

Stevenage summer transfer activity: Shakin' it up like a polaroid picture...

Now, it’s far too early for this bookie or that pundit to be rating our chances for the 2017-8 campaign. Our side for the opening fixture looks as if it’ll be far removed from the one that left the pitch after our heaviest defeat to Accy in 12 years. The gaffer wasted little time in securing his first two recruits. Alex Samuel has come from Swansea City, while midfielder James Ferry arrived close behind. More will follow. Of course, there will be the obligatory rumours – spurious and credible – but more signings are coming. It’s just a matter of time.

In come two, out go six. The annual released list could still grow, though surely won’t contain as big a surprise as the news that we had seen the last of Charlie Lee. Meanwhile, Tom Pett’s name is on the transfer list and the likes of Matt Godden could well tempt a bid or three. You get the impression that young, hungry talent are the cornerstone of Stevenage summer transfer activity. That’s not a bad thing, of course. It has worked for us in the past and it can work for us again. You just have to ride out that shockwave of change, right?

And it is change. From our League One days, only Chris Day, Ronnie Henry and Ryan Johnson remain; Pett otherwise our longest serving player at present. It’s strange, innit, how time flies in that respect. It waits for no man nor club, however. And this is a pretty relevant mantra for our summer transfer dealings. There’s no point dawdlin’ if we know who we want! Sure, it means a few new faces to get used to; that’s what the open pre-season training sesh is for! It’s there too that we’ll see what sort of new dynasty is being built at the Lamex.