And Now For Something Completely Different…


By Pete H

It’s one to tell the grandkids, at least. It’s perhaps even our generation’s own JFK moment; to be able to say where you were when Brighton U23s outdid Stevenage on pelanties in the Checkatrade kickabout. Now the future of the England team is all tickety-boo, however, we must return to League Two action. And it’s been a while, to be fair like. After the wash-out at Newport last week, it is almost going to take some getting used to. Plymouth Argyle, therefore, are to be our staging post. And guess what. There they are, top of the division.

It’s too early to tell if Argyle are going too hard too soon. That will have to wait until the final reckonings next spring. But, for now, the Devon Nation Army are five points clear and are looking strong. It’s nearly two whole months since our guests came second in the two-horse race that is a league fixture. It’s nearly a month, on the flip side, since we came first. Our task at hand, therefore, is a stark contrast to our last three outings – not to include our trip to Soggy South Wales. This is as hard a task as any side who isn’t top could possibly get.


Stevenage v Plymouth Argyle: Room On Top?

Stevenage v Plymouth Argyle: And now for something completely different...

Let’s do some bare naked facts, shall we? Plymouth Argyle are a) unbeaten in nine, b) peerless away from their own turf at the moment and c) as mean as a mothertrucker in keeping the ball out of their net on the road. In five away from home – the lesser known Enid Blyton book – Arygle have only let in two. TWO. In a quirk of fate, facts and full-blown figures, our attacking record indoors is better than their attacking record indoors. But we ain’t playing at Home Park, thankfully. Three adventures to the wild west in three fixtures would be overkill.

Boro’ go into this one looking to make it a hattrick of home wins over Argyle. Even Teddy bagged a win against this lot last term, outdoing them in a 2-1 triumph. And that, if nothing else, must count as a good omen when the ex-Manchester Hotspur, England United and Tottingham SEOs striker masterminded one of his rare wins at their expense. Of course, we’re not that naive. This is a different prospect – even though Plymouth were up there when they came to us in September 2015. It’s all hands to the pump here – we’re up against a good ‘un.

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